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All Slot

I have tried a search on here but no joy, I have just bought an All Slot 22,000 rpm moto ( it`s yellow) to put in an old car that has no motor, mainly as it was only £5 !  I can`t find any info on them, were they ever fitted in any slot cars,     ta

Yes Allslot were probably a little head of their time, they produced  generic F1 slot cars of the 0’s They were or …..are very fast as some clubs still race them as a F1 class.  From memory but I may be wrong, I think they was made by Mitoos or Cartrix but sold under a separate brand.
I still have the Brawn F1 Jenson button livery of the generic body which I used to run at one clubs they were popular at.

Still have the car in the box
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MB Slot make a fibreglass chassis for it which takes a SlotIt pod which gives these a huge performance gain MB/Allslot with NSR Shark 30 in a SlotIt IL pod is one of the quickest cars round our track, comfortably ahead of the NSR F1's.

To be fair we classify non plastic chassis cars as Open Class so not really a fair comparison with the NSR's

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

I have a couple of the All Slot generic F1 cars, and they are more than competitive with the more current generic F1 cars from NSR and Scaleuto,............I always though it a bit rich that NSR got their nose out of joint when stating that Scaleauto had copied them, considering that All Slot beat NSR to the mark by a few years.  Bigsmile  

Chris Walker
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