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Hello !

Hi , just returned to slot car racing after many years away from it, I still have a couple of ancient home built hard body cars and have just bought three new ones, I need to get up to speed (ha !) with modern kit so expect daft questions after I have searched forum and failed .  Ps I’m in Scotland
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Hello Charlie and welcome to SlotRacer.

From Scotland you say? Nobody's perfect. I'm from Canada.

Show us your vintage stuff.


Welcome Charlie. Wavegreen

    This is the T’bird, as I remember it had an mrrc motor, last driven in anger in 1969 ! I connected it to a flat 12v bike battery yesterday and it woke up after a short while, might see if it will get around club track tonight !

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And a not so old Porsche gt3

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Cool looking cars, Charlie. The T-bird is very intersting.

It used to be a very quick car on the club track, I have given it a good clean and then see if I can give it a quick run around the club track after racing finished ?

Welcome on board - good to have you here!!!

Hello Charlie, greetings from... Scotland.
I am in East Lothian, no slot-car club here :-(


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