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News Slot Car Magazine May 2019 Issue 49

Slot Car Magazine May 2019 Issue 49

I see now just reading the Slot Car Magazine May 2019 Issue 49 that SlotRacer Online gets a mention in the opening credits.

Hopefully this will bring more people to the forums. Would be a chance to do a poll or similar asking where they saw/heard about SlotRacer Online.

Quick snip of the Contents page, not entire snip.

source: Slot Car Magazine May 2019 Issue 49
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Putstanding !! - lol we have friends   Rofl

Slot Racer Online business cards were also handed out with every magazine sold at the UK Slot Car Festival - which was quite a few Sun

Marc and Ric can be a bit bashful when it comes to blowing their own trumpets about Slot Car Magazine. A bit like Slot Racer Online, the magazine is put together by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and on a not-for-profit basis. There is no subscription and the publishing model is good value and sustainable - the July issue will be the 50th.

The paper & ink magazine is sold via Pendles for £4.50 and also by the Slot Car Magazine crew at most of the UK slot car shows and swapmeets. It is also available as an ebook for the ridiculously good price of £1.30 (or local equivalents). Back issues are bundled into big ebooks for even better value. Here's the latest issue Johnno mentioned...


Slot Car Mag Issue 49 - May 2019. 46 colour pages. Magazine for racers, collectors and builders. Produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, written by contributors from all over the world, covering scenics, kit building, driving, reviews and of course racing.

LANCIA STRATOS The Last Rally Car by Scalextric? – Hub Habets drives this iconic car and ponders on the future of rally from the famous brand.

OUR FRIENDS SCALEXTRIC? Exclusive Interview – Slots to talk about when Ric Woods tracked down Martyn Weaver, Head Of Brand, for an in-depth Scalextric-based discussion.

SPLISH SPLASH, I WAS TAKIN’...ABARTH – Tony Di Pastena drives the wheels off these fantastic-looking 1/24 scale gems from BRM.

THE GULF CRISIS Collect Or Race? – The Gulf-liveried cars have always been amongst the most popular models. Adrian Norman has the fuel details.

THE ART OF NOISE Artistic licence – David Burk is a renowned motor sport artist, but his journey to success wasn’t a straight road.

KURTIS - NOVI 8V Ostorero Latest – Ric Woods brings news of some additions to Ostorero’s family of gorgeous, limited-run Indy classics.

FERRARI 126CK By Kostas Dzingovic – A beautiful car that was so bad that only the legendary Gilles Villeneuve could steer it to two spectacular victories.

CARRERA WORLD Visitor Centre – Gary Cannell headed to Germany and was impressed with the facilities for all the family.

AUDI R18 By AFX – Andy Player reviews a fantastic-looking car that sets the track alight with its pace and design.

SLOT.IT TYPE C CHIP The Best Of All Possible Worlds? – Andy Player unwraps this revolutionary cross-platform digital delight.

CONSUMER WRIGHTS Staffs Slot Cars – The unsung heroes of the slot car world are the distributors; here Ric Woods interviews Steve Wright.

COMPETITION Win an SRC McLaren M23 – Yes, another easy-to-enter, non-brain-taxing competition... and the car is stunning.

SLOT CARS, AN OBSCURE HOBBY... Or Forgotten Genius – Casey Putsch explains why racing and maintaining slot cars is a life-expanding exercise...

MARCH FORWARD 1970 Monaco GP March 701 – Does the revised chassis mean that the March can steal some time back from the Lotus 72?

A ZIMBLER WAY FOR CARRERA Australian Distributor – Tony Di Pastena gained some exclusive time with Jonathan Zimbler, the Australian Carrera distributor.

DILWORTH The Legend Of Grabham Hall – Ahead of Gaydon, a chilling story and warning to the obsessive collector. Don’t get caught up in the nightmare!

Magazine at Pendles:

Ebook at Lulu:

Slot Car Magazine website:
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I managed to find that has this "print on demand" book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it is still sitting on the coffee table

Slot Car Magazine by Marc Abbott & Ric Woods
Paperback, 112 Pages, Price: $49.73 (excl. GST), Prints in 3-5 business days

Available from: Lulu online book store:

Slot Car Magazine

Slot Car Magazine has been selling all over the world, which means we could feature a much broader spectrum of subjects and skills than we had first envisaged. 

That the magazine is still around after four years is as much a testament to our contributors as it is to anything Marc Abbott and Ric Woods have done. For this book, we each made a list of our favourite features from past issues. Where our choices coincided, an article was immediately ‘in’. The remainder were decided on after a frank exchange of views and only as a last resort did we ever engage in arm-wrestling. 

If you are a regular reader, I hope we have included some of your favourites too. If you are new to the magazine, I hope this will whet your appetite for
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