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What have I DONE!!!!

I must have lost my mind!!!

Have I now joined the dark side???

Last friday night I was lying bed (as one does) and started looking at FB marketplace. I have the control in of only looking at ads within a 100 kms from here - so essentially locally only.

ANd I saw this advert. AT first I could not believe it. Then I thought this is not your hobby. Then I panicked over what my wife would say. Then I thought no it must be wrong


It must be gone I thought - what the heck _ will send a mail and see. so no real  issue or harm in just sending a mail?

Sat am phone beeps - and gues what - I was the first. WHAT???? holy guacamole how do I tell swmbo. Uhmmmm put my big dress on and broached the subject, and amazingly she said yes.

SO I bought it   Rofl Rofl Rofl 


22 Loco's - 17 work
55 Coaches
32 freight type trucks
Hundreds of tracks
at least 50 points
Just one of the loco's is worth more than what I paid.

Question is - what to do now??? Tease Tease Ambulance Rofl 

PS I blame epilot for this - getting me into railway mags for scenery   Rofl Rofl

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Looks like a fabulous haul!

I occasionally dabble with a bit of N-Scale stuff. All skills are transferable... apart from having to drive the trains slowly  Bigsmile

Wow! Enough there to part out and still have a huge set-up!

Blimey, that's an incredible bargain. Thumbup

So I saw this advert for big bags of tea for stupid money.

How could I resist.

I don't drink tea.

So what are you going to do with it? Tease

Darn Gordon - I missed that ad for tea - I love it!!! Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl 

I will do something like this:


Reality is when I fully retire - my track will not be able to move - so it will be a break down or sold

But a 6x3 board - is movable and more importantly will not take that much room where we move to - or worst case Rofl Rofl  will be for my grandson  

But still fully focuse on my Kyalami track.

And I will be selling/moving on most if not all the diesel locos, 90% of the freight and coaches, (too modern and too big) which will help fund that bits I will need -simple
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Brings back childhood memories, I had trains, my brother had Airfix slot cars.  I loved the engineering in a loco, it fascinated me, I loved going into a model shop and seeing all the locos.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Nice Haul(LOL) Anthony,
Continental style locos always have an attraction to me.  I like the functional and rugged looks whereas UK versions always seem so boring. The pantograph powered units were always intriguing and it took a long time for that technology to be adopted here. 
Keep them and stroke them every now and then!


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Set up a few tracks on my desk with a point or 2 just to see how they go..... strangely - the biggest steam loco there is the one that runs the best!!!!

Just good fun
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I'm just an old misery.

The thought of toy trains turns what is left of my brain to mush.

Never, ever has there been the slightest inkling of any interest in there. After all, they don't go round corners properly at all do they?
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