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Here’s a familiar story for you

…growing up and being interested in Hornby OO and Scalextric. The slot car set was a rare (ish) pre-release version of the 500 set. Years later it was gathering dust, survived several house moves and was sold. A few years after that and the replacement was a couple of basic sets with magnet cars. Much easier to drive! Again these sets were put away and stored. 

Wind on another 15 years and like others here a few pieces of track slotted together and a few extras purchased, just to see if it still captures interest. 

There were some prerequisites for this new ‘grown-up’ layout; not on the floor - so this is raised on a double bed in the guest room, needs to be able to be taken down and set up quickly, to use all the existing track and anything newer/digital, to have some in-field interest and a long back straight, should have flow, work well with Pace Cars, have no bridges/flyover (failed), equal lane length, balanced left and right corners and long-ish pit lane. 

The level of detail and modelling skill shown on this page is outstanding. The realism members have created is fantastic. The 19.25m Holly Farm RaceWay is a little different, you might even think that it’s boring … no landscaping, no buildings, no scenery. This is bare, stripped back, monochrome- you’ll see black baseboard, black track and borders - the concession to colour is an off the shelf Dunlop Bridge. 

It’s great fun to drive. 

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[+] 5 members Like mediaboy's post

Nice work.

I love a full scenic track, but I also like a nice clean build. Each to their own. Thumbup
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I like it, I think it's got a stealth look to it.

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