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Scorpius Nitrous for Arc Pro upgrade.

Hi Guys,
The Scorpius chip is 90% completed so onto Carrera and Scalextric compatible projects by Scorpius.

This is a big post so I’ll do it incrementally.

I see Arc Pro as a great piece of kit that could be seriously enhanced with some basics as well as some “goodies”.

Firstly a new car chip which will be developed using Scalextric protocols with added Scorpius extras.
The car chip will have added hardware and come in 4 versions.
1. Decoder with Nitrous and accelerometer as standard.
2. As per 1 with lights.
3. As per 2 with added OLED display.
4. As per 3 with hall sensor.

What is Nitrous?
Nitrous is a system where you can access the chip via the app and configure much more precise throttle and brake commands.
Currently Arc Pro has dynamic braking. It’s either on or off and there is no way to configure it in Arc Pro.
With Nitrous install the Nitrous decoder and download the app. Open the app and configure brakes 0-100 in 1% increments. Precise braking can reduce lap times up to 0.3 seconds per lap! Set the brakes to day 86% and upload this to the car. Watch your lap times drop significantly.
Next is throttle curve. Write your curve on the app and store it in 10 library files for recall on demand. Upload it to the car and watch yet again as your driving becomes easier and lap times drop a further 0.1-0.2 seconds per lap.
Speed limiting or choke is available.
Speed limiting down pit lane will be functioning using brake button to implement. 
Lights on version 2 will be switchable on/off using brake button also. 
The beauty of this is you can use your standard track, lane changers, powerbase, app and controllers yet get modern day functionality. Still in 2022 Arc Pro users do not have adjustable brakes, adjustable throttle sensitivity or lights! I think Scalextric enthusiasts and club users will love this.
The user will still use the app for simulations  etc.
I’ll go into detail regarding accelerometer, OLED display and tacho functions soon.

It will be wirelessly upgradeable, be DPR plug compatible and be under

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Idea Next is a Nitrous lane changer electronics upgrade for SSD systems.
It will feature:
1. 2 Lane Change sensors
2. 2 Anti Collision sensors
3. Best line system. 
4. Wirelessly upgradeable and configurable.
5. Can be configured to be a wireless lapcounter (Scorpius RMS required).
6. Can be configured as pit sensors or sector timing sensors.
7. Liven flipper.
8. Talks to app on your device.
9. 4 solenoid drivers.
10. 2 liven flipper drivers.

This unit is designed specifically for the SSD XLC double lane changer but will serve pit lane track pieces 

None of the above except 4 exists in the market and is long overdue.
More detail on this later.

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Here’s the set up page.

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