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Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club Inter Club Event


     The winning team of  Geoff Taylor and Steve Hills with Race Director Paul Cooper who didn’t have to do a
Michael Masi doctoring to get an entertaining race.

Revoslot Endurance Event
Battle of the Merseysiders

With Lockdown and everything starting to open up the Liverpool HPSCC club was looking to run some different types of events as well as run its standard club races which are run in heats throughout the year
Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club HPSCC runs a lot of classes on it’s club nights (usually two classes per night) so that it becomes difficult to introduce any new class,  especially if it’s an expensive outlay for the members.
A few of the club members had purchased a few of the Revoslot range but besides running them on their home tracks or a fettling session at the club track none had been run competitively ( it had been thought that the models would not be competitive against the members open class cars in our existing classes*) .
The Revoslot cars are incredibly detailed and drive very well, so discussions were had on how to get a club race started for them.
The main concern was that not all the members had possession of a Revoslot, but some had, also at the same time,  ideas were being processed on a mini endurance event for the members. So the thought process was to combine the endurance event with the Revoslot class, hence the idea of a Revoslot Endurance team event where only one  car to be run  per team.  Advantages were :

1: Sharing of cars, so no expense for members and the opportunity for members to run a RevSlot in a competition
2: An endurance event which was not on a normal Friday club night so was a one off event.
3:Another positive which came out was to offer the event to our neighbouring Club, Wirral Slot Racing Club which is located to the south of the Mersey. The WSR already had RevSlot as a club series so they could easily bring teams across the Mersey to compete.

So once the idea was mooted and allowed to be discussed a date was announced all before Christmas, which was going to be acceptable to both clubs but did give enough preparation time for members to get familiar with the cars.

Team selection was discussed and the idea of copying the British GT championship in having teams as rated drivers eg Gold, silver and bronze so making the teams more balanced and the hope was to have close racing as opposed to the two best drivers just smashing it and leaving all behind.
So teams were selected in ability and who owned a RevSlot car being the considerations.  A good byproduct is that the better drivers helped the lesser drivers, by coaching and giving positive feedback.

So the first round was set for the 19th Dec 2021 at the Liverpool Club, 8 teams were entered with each team consisting of two drivers . Teams were gold / bronze or silver /silver in their composition.

GOLD being drivers who win most rounds and set the fastest laps consistently
SILVER being those member who sometimes win and set fast laps perhaps not as consistent as other members.
BRONZE being drivers who are new or less experienced than long time club members.

As in the British GT racing championship there would be a pit window were driver changes would take place, the timing was 12 minutes on each lane and driver changes after 5 and before 7 mins so both drivers had a reasonable time allocations change over.

All the Gold drivers started the heats first stint leaving their team mates to hold on in the second stint.
Gold drivers with Bronze,  Peter Crane/ Mike Broadbent, Ted Martin/ Louis Paz, Mike Guy/Paul Minis, Steve Hills/ Geoffrey Taylor.
Teams from the Wirral  were silver silver , Peter Wright/ Adam Price,  Paul Taylor/John Dodd, Steve Doulson / Kev Lea.

Pete Crane/  Mike Broadbent team were the early leaders closely followed by the Steve Hill/ Geoff Taylor especially as Steve H got to grips with the track and his pace increased. Mike Guy and Paul Minis also were in contention throughout the competition. Strong showing from the two Phil’s, Phil Clayton and Phil Hayes  with the Wirral teams showing some pace especially noteworthy as they were unfamiliar with the track.
Ted  and Louis had an up hill battle as Louis was only competing in his second slot car race as he is a new member to the club.

The race ended in a fantastic fight between team Pete/ Mike, Steve/ Geoff and Mike /Paul  which ended in just two laps separating the winners from second place the lead was exchanged throughout the race.
The battle for second was really close and this ended on the same lap 328.181 too 328.004.
The win going to Steve and Geoff , second place going to Mike/Paul nipping it in the closing stages from Pete/Mike.

 “ Set up plates “being given out curtesy of Truspeed controllers to all teams completing.

Hopefully lockdown COVID permitting the return match will be held at the Wirral Track were the Hawthorne Park members will have a battle with the regular members competing on their home track.
The whole competition was enjoyed by all participants as it was a new experience which joined the clubs together socially as well as a strengthen the individual club members involvement.

“Let the Merseyside Revoslot Endurance begin “
*Steve Hills has driven his Revoslot as fast as any other open class car on the Club track, which proves if the cars are run they get a lot faster.
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