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Goggomobil t250

I am starting a side project for a little fun. All you hard-core racers better look away... Bigsmile

Sold rather well over here in the late '50s, no idea about other countries. Built with scooter parts, it ought to file under bubble cars (?) but looks almost like a real car.
Maybe not quite as glamorous as these photos suggest... Cool

I'm starting with the usual piece of wood.

Trawling the web, it is easy to find good reference photos, but more difficult to find reliable blueprints.
I have found a very good side view (as you can see) but not much when it comes to front and tail projections.
If anybody knows about a source I would be very grateful!
If not, I will lean against photos.


Too early to put on the critical glasses, I am still searching for the soul of the car... Sun

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Great choice Carver.
I'm definitely not a hard core racer, so I'll be watching with great interest. Wrench
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I could be considered a hard-core racer, but I'd still build (and race) one of these Wrench
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Not sure if it's still available but there is a plan on Etsy!!

At least you may get the proportions from this grab! It does have dimensions if you can read them!
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What a great choice!
Knowing your skills, it will be a pleasure to follow this topic.  Thumbup
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Thanks, Gordon, that is very helpful!  Sun Sun Sun May the sun shine on you...

1/32 scale as usual, which means rather small .

To justify my choice: Jin Clark drove it once...

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I love the microcars from that era. As a child I lived on a council estate and some of the local lads wanted to upgrade from a motorbike. One bought a Goggomobil and another bought a 4 wheeled Berkeley with the Royal Enfield engine. Both of them seemed to spend more time working on their pride and joy then they ever spent driving it. 
We had a teacher at school who was probably in her 50s who had a Messerschmitt 3 wheeler as her daily transport and always wore a crash helmet when driving and someone used to get dropped offf every morning in a Bond Minicar which had a very impressive turning circle.
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Having come this far with the piece of wood I have to use other materials to get the forms more precise.

One step backward...

to take two steps ahead.
Next will be the side screen frames, which will be more complicated. I want the screens to be almost in level with the body, I don't like them to sit deep.

I have hollowed the shell out. It weighs only 11g, but then it is a very small car.
Kind Regards
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A work of art in the making. Thumbup
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Magnificent work Carver! This thread is a joy to follow  Thumbup
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