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any size, any scale .... but maybe this is a step to far ?

... for a slot car forum ?  Rofl 
If you want to see a slot car track, probably best you leave now and visit other posts  Bigsmile

Having just helped to move my parents into their new flat, My father now has room again for a model railway, so I decided to help out a bit.
I designed a layout for him, and have to admit I am rather quite enjoying this .... maybe I need to build my own .... no lets not go there  Rofl

But anyhoo, without further ado and keeping my post vaguely on topic, this is what I came up with after a few versions and discussions with my father:

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It's not a step too far for me. Having just bought my first loco, started planning my own modest railway, and having read a few of ePilot's rail magazines, I'm hoping we have broad enough interests to encompass a wide range of topics. Especially since slots and railways share similar elements with regard to scenery, modelling and planning.

Please keep us updated. Thumbup
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Looks really nice! 9 switches and a crossover - looks like a ton of fun! Keep us in the loop!!

Knowing my father, the scenery will be sparse.
That's the one thing I would concentrate on on a model railway, but beyond that, I don't think driving the trains would be as entertaining as racing slot cars !
His chosen period/area is steam LNER. I already have plans to turn the rather poor looking hornby gresley teak coaches into something better with a lick of paint.
I acquired a rake of 5 used from ebay and will experiment with one (there were 2 brake coaches , so one is surplus thus no loss if I fail) to see if I can improve the appearance, if successful I will do the rest.

I forgot too mention the baseboard is 12x4 ft (probably going to split it into three 4x4 sections).
We are using Peco points and flex track for all but the fixed radius curves, which are Hornby.

Well, Faller did some nice stuff to combine trains and cars

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
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I have often fancied building a model railway too, but lack a suitable space (and probably enough disposable income) to achieve one. The price of the rolling stock is in the stratosphere, if you think slot cars are expensive then try a Hornby 00 gauge loco with sound at pushing £300 a pop. A simple small diesel shunter is over £100 and non powered carriages can be £50+ each!

I sometimes buy 'Railway Modeller' to pick up scenery tips and marvel at the miniature creations therein and I wish we had their vast range of scenic items and figures in our 1/32 scale. The other noticeable thing is the sheer quantity of bricks and mortar model railway shops advertising in the publication. Contrary to perceived opinion the model shop is not dead but very few of them do slot cars as well so it really shows up the gulf in popularity and profitability between the two hobbies.
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Found a nice video on Utube:

(5th-Jan-22, 02:43 PM)CMOTD Wrote:  I have often fancied building a model railway too

My late father built one that combined with my Faller track.
It was a great pleasure to see all the details he built.
Most of it had been bought second-hand over the years.

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Update as requested :)

One set of points needs replacing, hence the missing bit !
We bought all the points S/H and it looks like one was altered for some reason. Not only did my test coach keep derailing over it, when I wired the track up it would short out when in the straight ahead position. 
Unfortunately, We bought from several sellers on ebay and it was a few months back, so I cant even identify where it came from let alone have any hope of a refund after this time !

All that's left for me to do is fit the new point when it arrives, fit and wire the point motors, and connect the controller when it arrives (I talked him round to the base Gaugemaster one over the cheap and nasty Hornby one he had). I already painted in the road and parking lot's that are masked in the pictures.
Oh, and slip in some sleepers in the gaps at some of the flexi track joins.

After that, I will leave him to do what he wants, apart from changing the track plan, he has already had a roasting for attempting to do that by the goods shed. Bigsmile




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Still very much a WIP, but my father has been busy: 

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