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Escort MK1 C052 ,a restoration

For those who do not remeber it was this car:
[Image: LM-uVEePubZ4DRdR_XdhleW-QpP54ach_pKbnu_s...nyyT-T7Weg]
Mine was not as good,it was scratched,bumpers were broken,windshield had turned yellow, so i stripped it and repainted it using decals from the decal box
[Image: img20220104143836_00-jpg.291538]
To replace the yellowed windshield  i vacformed a new one using the old one as a mould.One thing leads to another,i 3dprinted  a new chassis.Gears and guide were also 3d printed in resin,motor pod in PETG
[Image: img20220104122412_00-jpg.291539]
Looking for rims i found that the best compromise was the original rims and tyres.So i copied the originals, 3d printed rims in PETG ,inserts in resin and cast urethane tyres,[Image: img20220104122501_00-copy-jpg.291542]
[Image: img20220104122455_00-copy-jpg.291541]
[Image: img20220104122450_00-copy-jpg.291540]
I 3d printed also the bumpers in resin[Image: img20220104122506_00-jpg.291543]
Finally i vacformed a cockpit.Here is the whole set[Image: img20220104122358_00-jpg.291544]

And the finished car[Image: img20220104143908_00-jpg.291546]
[Image: img20220104143902_00-jpg.291547]
[Image: img20220104143842_00-jpg.291545]
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It is always a pleasure to see a topic about the Ford Escort.
You have put a lot of work into your car. Well done. Thumbup

Nice one Alexis!   The C052 Escort is one of those truly classic Scalextric cars that is pretty much forgotten. It was a desirable car back in the day but we soon discovered the poor handling as these were produced in the era of banked-curves which needed the front axle to float.  (Easily fixed by installing an axle tube and reducing the length of the guide-flag mount).
If I recall correctly Scalextric identified these as the Ford Escort Special Build, referencing the Ford Advanced Vehicle Operations function.


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And sat on a 3DP setup plate  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Great work, always!

I love how "one thing leads to another" and suddenly you have basically rebuilt most of the car.   I find 3DP is addictive that way.

I am curious to know how the printed gears hold up for you with fast motors.....

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