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Show us your Williams slot cars

Formula One legend Frank Williams passed away this morning, surrounded by his family. Frank certainly lived an amazing life and he was absolutely central to my motorsport-obsessed childhood. He was an incredibly driven man - and that made him an interesting character too.


One of the first things I did when I heard the news was to give this Scalextric FW07B a spin. For me, it's the Williams in 1/32 scale - and probably Scalextric's best car of that era.

Let's see your Williams slot cars - or those on your wish list...
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Two of mine in HO scale. The Saudia car is Aurora AFX, the other is Tyco.
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Very sad to hear of Frank Williams death. A true F1 legend. Checkeredflag
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No Williams car, but I might be waking up in the middle of the night later to watch the GT3 Proxy, which reminds me of the time I did the same to witness Nigel Mansell win the F1 World Championship at the Australian GP, only to see his hopes disappear due to that high speed blowout.

I love puttering with gears
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A slightly modified Fly FW07 body on a EDM cut steel chassis.

Chris Walker

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-128.jpg]
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My only Williams at this point:  A sligltly less modifies Fly version:


I thought I would also add some uploads from Vaious Scalextric catalogues:



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Fly Williams FW07 Rupert Keegan. The 1979 Race of Champions was my first F1 race and there were several entries from The Aurora AFX series including Rupert's Williams so I had to have this one. The car also ran in the odd Grand Prix during the season.
Fly body with Policar pod and Andi Rowland 3D printed chassis which runs very well.


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Gave this one a spin this morning in memoriam of Sir Frank: MRRC/Airfix FW07    

This one has never seen the track but I am tempted to give it a little outing as well: Mansell and Red 5 FW14B    

I have one abiding memory from an 80s GP at Brands Hatch. Sir Frank was hurrying back from the Kentagon to the pits past the Paddock Hill grandstand when the national anthem started up prior to the race start. People were rushing past him to get to their seats but he stopped dead, stood to attention while it played, then resumed his journey. I think it was Patrick Head who said that he probably wore Union Jack pyjamas in bed. Yet another of the true motor racing greats has left us, I doubt we shall see his like again.
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Here's a few, I'm sure there are more if I was to go looking.
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