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Taking frustration out on marshals...

Unfortunately not an uncommon sight at some slot car clubs - a driver shouting at a marshal because they crashed or are generally having a bad day. It's unnecessary, unpleasant and - if marshals feel hassled - can lead to actual marshalling errors.

However, it seems this unpleasant side of slot car racing has transferred over to Formula One...

In an interview before the Qatar Grand Prix, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said this about an incident at the end of qualifying that meant his driver was penalised for ignoring double waved yellow flags that were covering a crashed car...

Quote:I think it’s just a rogue marshal that stuck a flag out. He’s not instructed to by the FIA — they’ve got to have control of the marshals. It’s as simple as that. That’s a crucial blow in the championship for us. We’re now starting P7 at a track you can’t overtake at. That is massive.

His comments didn't go down well and he was summoned to the stewards after the race...

Following a reprimand for breaking the International Sporting Code and ordered to attend a stewarding course in the New Year, Horner had this to say...

Quote:I’d like to make it clear that the marshals do a wonderful job. My frustration was not with the marshals but at the circumstance. If any offence was taken by any individual then I apologize for that.

I'm guessing most marshals will have been shocked and 'offended' by Horner's apparent green light for drivers at all levels of the sport to ignore marshals instructions to slow down - after all, it might only be a "rogue marshal". Whatever the rights and wrongs of the current discussion about how F1 drivers should race each other, questioning whether they should comply with marshals' flags is a massive safety issue - risking the lives of drivers and marshals. I'm glad Horner had his knuckles rapped by the stewards.

Back to slot cars, where the stakes aren't so high... I do like a club that challenges the abuse of marshals. Ours always has. And there's nothing wrong with encouraging a polite "thank you" after a car is re-slotted, even if it's not the quickest piece of marshalling ever seen. I wonder if post-pandemic slot car clubs will be kinder, more easy-going and respectful places?
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Sounds like the commentator in the second clip made light of 'breaking the sporting code', with a rather flippant 'naughty boy' comment, rather than taking it as seriously as the Stewards Committee. 

Perhaps he should be up in front of the Commentators equivalent managing body too?

Disgraceful from both parties.
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One of my pet hates.

A couple of years ago at Bordo, one of the usual offenders deslotted and took three other cars with him. I carefully replaced the other three first and seemed to find it a bit hard to get his back in the slot.

I could see his mouth going and the steam rising but fortunately, being deaf, I couldn't hear a thing he was saying so just smiled sweetly at him and sat down feeling the warmth of a job well done.
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Shame. I liked Christian Horner - but he's gone down in my estimation.
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Considering that there was a stationary car on the main straight, not far from where the yellow flags were being waved, I'd say Christian Horner's comments were ridiculous.
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Red Bull gives you whinge.
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Whinger Spice is a self righteous ****!

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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There was a damaged car which had pulled to the side of the circuit. It was a danger to other drivers so, quite rightly, there were yellow flags. It was unfortunate that a lot of other cars were on their last flying lap but that is the risk you take in waiting until the last moments of qualifying so that the track is in what is perceived as the best condition for a fastest lap. 

 As far as slot car marshalling goes I will call out to as politely as possible to a marshal who has been distracted and hasn't realised that my car has gone off but there is no justification for berating a marshal because you don't think they have been fast enough getting your car back into the slot.

 Many years ago I competed in motorcycle trials. Each section (or hazard) was watched over by a volunteer observer who recorded the number of marks a rider lost for putting their feet down, stopping or going outside the marked limits of the section. At one time some of the better riders thought it was reasonable to argue with the observers about the number of marks they had lost in a section. As a result it became more and more difficult to find volunteer observers and at some events the organising club's riders had to share observer duties on a section as well as ride.
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LOL - "Karen Horner" was trending on Twitter.

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As slotters, we've all been guilty of getting frustrated by poor marshaling.
In the end , it is often our fault that we deslotted, whether pushing too hard or chancing an arm on an outside of the corner overtake.
If the pressure gets to us on a Hobby night, imagine what it's like to be a team principal in f1. 
I would never want that job.

Even Mr Horner is human. We should forgive him for being an a*** occasionally.
Team principals and their behaviour is part of the entertainment value of F1.

Alan W
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