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RevoSlot McLaren F1 GTR

Who are RevoSlot then? Difficult to tell really as RevoSlot is a brand name, not a company. They use BRM chassis parts but don't appear to be owned by them, if you Google the address on the box you will find more than a dozen companies registered at that particular office building in Hong Kong. They don't have a website, just an infrequently updated Facebook page with little information about the company behind them. Bit of a mystery then.

They have been in existence since 2017 and their unique selling point is an aluminium chassis mated to a plastic body. With an RRP just over £71 they fall into the same high end category as NSR and Thunderslot. Now I am not a particular fan of those two firms - yes they produce rocket ship performance but take way too many liberties with scale dimensions. Just my personal prejudice but they seem to be a sort of halfway house between normal slot cars and BSCRA blobs. I own one example of each make but rarely play with them and have never been tempted to buy another.

I am always open to trying something new though so have just bought my first RevoSlot car, the 1995 McLaren F1 GTR No.9 San Miguel as raced by Andy Wallace and Olivier Grouillard at Zhuhai in 1995.

The first question then is how does it measure up to the real thing? Close to reality or a pancake version like the NSR Mosler?

1/32 scale dimensions of the real 1995 cars were: Length 136.46mm  Width 59.37mm Height 34.06mm

Several manufacturers have produced this car so here is a size comparison of each:

Length - width at the widest point of the body excluding mirrors - height to top of roof.

Ninco: 135.1mm - 63.0mm - 35.5mm

Scalextric: 134.8mm - 58.6mm - 35.1mm

Mr SlotCar: 141.2 mm - 64.7mm - 34.9mm

RevoSlot: 134mm - 62.5mm - 35mm

None are exactly to scale, Scalextric being the nearest but RevoSlot are not too far out so no worries there. Slot.It also do one but it is the later and longer 1997 version so not a direct comparison.

First impressions
On removing it from the box I was pleased to find a good solid piece of kit, the body was nicely decorated and free of any obvious decoration blemishes. It had all the usual high quality mechanical parts one would expect at the price point but differs from the competition in that, instead of the usual motor pod, it has a two part aluminium floating adjustable chassis. The whole central section with motor and guide blade is separate from the outer body holding part.

There is no magnet fitted but one is supplied separately in the box should you wish to use it. A standard depth guide blade is fitted but a deeper version for wooden tracks is also included. The most notable thing though was the weight, this is a seriously heavy slot car coming in at 102gms compared to 72gms for the equivalent Scalextric version.

As always this assessment is written from the point of view of the 'average' buyer who just wants to run their car without too much fiddling about. All cars can be improved for 'serious' racing but that is not the remit of this review.

Before plonking it on the track I did the usual basic prep, oiled the relevant parts, loosened the fixing screws a tad and ran it in at low voltage for half an hour but left everything else box stock. The first few runs were not great, it had a strong tendency to lift a rear wheel on the corners and roll over if pushed. I also noticed that the front wheels did not normally touch the track apart from round the twisty bits and this, combined with the rear wheel lift, made for very erratic cornering. Thinking it was just a matter of adjusting the front axle height I opened it up only to discover that no adjustment mechanism was fitted. Lowering the axle height would involve major surgery and that is totally unacceptable at this price level. Incidentally the body fixing screws are the smallest and most fiddly I have ever come across. They were a real pig to refit and and I spent a fairly long time retrieving errrant ones from the carpet! On the plus side the tyres had very good grip for standard fitment so at least I wouldn't have to buy aftermarket ones.

As I couldn't really fix the front end I figured I would have to play about with the chassis adjustment but nothing I did with that made much difference. Tel (savage) had recommended fitting their fatter chassis float brass attachments, which I had ordered as well as the car, so I tried changing them and it made the wheel lift worse! At this point I noticed that there were alternate fixing holes for these so I removed the ones in the middle of the chassis and replaced them in the forward position. This seemed to do the trick and the wheel lift virtually disappeared.

Now I could drive the thing properly so I switched the timer on to record some lap times. My NSR and Thunderslot  cars can go round my 50ft wooden track in well under 5 seconds without breaking sweat and a ScaleAuto Radical holds the lap record at 4.6 so I would hope that a similarly expensive car could achieve something approaching that but the McLaren was nowhere near it. It would happily circulate in the 5.3 - 5.4 range but really pushing it I could only get down to high 5.2s. Slot.It DTM cars are only marginally slower so overall the performance was somewhat disappointing. The extra weight really hurt the acceleration and braking distances were longer. I think a motor upgrade and gearing changes would be necessary to improve things.

If this car was in the same price range as Slot.It then it would be a good buy but at NSR prices then I doubt whether I shall be buying another. Although it is obviously made from quality parts the overall performance does not justify the high price and, although the metal chassis is a novel development, I can't see that it adds anything worthwhile to the product.

And Finally.........
It ain't half noisy!
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James Cleave has done a nice set of videos going through setting a Revo up:

Dismantling - 


Front end setup - 

Final chassis setup - 

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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The Revoslot brand drives very different from conventional high end slot cars.  I promise you the more you drive it the better it becomes. Additionally there are minor items that he videos supplied by Kevan address.  Follow the videos, reset your gear mesh and continue to drive the car.  The toughest thing, Revoslot cars are designed to run against other Revoslots. We have a proxy running state side and the racing has been very close with multiple winners and a if your tires are not worn out the performance we have seen is improving at each venue.  

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The lack of front axle adjustment is the one thing that I don't like, you can sort it but it involves some work when the fronts don't touch the track.
Some models are more prone to not touching than others, I have yet to run my Mclarens so haven't got to setting them up.
Likewise the other set of holes you mention in the chassis, not all models have them.

Outright performance is not something I was worried about, I race like with like so not an issue.
For tracks like ours, swapping the 12 tooth motor pinion for an 11 is a cheap and worthwhile move IMO.

I love Revoslots for home use, because aside from the chassis nuts, pinion, and cheap neoprene washers, (and they are all a personal thing), nothing else apart from some time on setup is required to run well and they look good and feel quite robust.

Coming in a little under the price of an NSR and a little over the likes of the latest Scaleauto and Sideways, and in the same area as the latest Avant slots, I feel these are fair Value for money given essentially no parts require changing.
Horses for courses, as they say :)
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Even the stock rear tyres are good.  My Revo is the only car I race that has no ballast added, they drive into corners deeper than plastic chassis cars and that measly 21k short can motor is a great performer with the stock gearing.

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...

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