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Valentino Rossi SCX Compact MotoGP bike


Valentino Rossi's final MotoGP race was a good excuse to get the SCX Compact bikes out. Compact track and cars are 1:43 scale, but the MotoGP bikes are about 1:24 scale. These bikes need the rough track surface of the SCX track - Carrera Go isn't as good.

There's some great Rossi-related stuff on the BT Sport YouTube Channel today, including these...

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He's a Legend walking!

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As a guest driver in a black Subaru Impreza WRC, he even finished 11th in the 2006 edition of the  Rally New Zealand:

SCX Subaru Impreza WRC Valentino Rossi/ Carlo Cassina.
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Incidentally, he debuted in his first WRC event as a guest driver at the 2002 Network Q Rally of Great Britain four years earlier.
However, on the first gravel stage, he slipped off the road after being blinded by the sunlight. His Grifone prepared and Michelin sponsored Peugeot 206 WRC came rearwards undamaged to a halt on a steep incline. With no spectators nearby that could help him, his first WRC rally came to an early end.

The simple Michelin yellow/blue colour scheme had a surprising effect on the special stages; standing on one side of the road you would think he was driving a yellow Peug, but if you looked at the action on the other side of the road, his car appeared blue.
The same funny effect can be seen when you drive the SCX version of Rossi's Peugeot 206 WRC on your rally track.

Yellow...                                                                                                                                                  ...Blue.
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Were any of his Monza Rally Show winning Fiestas ever produced?

(18th-Nov-21, 08:15 AM)woodcote Wrote:  Were any of his Monza Rally Show winning Fiestas ever produced?
Not known to me.
I only know, his father Graziano Rossi drove rallies in Italy with the same Carlo Cassino who navigated Valentino.

Fly Lancia 037 Rally di Romagna 1985 Graziano Rossi-Carlo Cassina. They didn't finish the Italian event. Fly has mixed up the names of the driver and the navigator.
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