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Show us your latest 3DP purchase

Well I've done something I should have done a year ago...bought a Prusa i3 MK3S+...super excited  Sun Wrench Cool

I already have two printers, Anycubic Photon Mono X (resin) and a Qidi X-Plus (filament) but the Qidi needs a major extruder upgrade

...make that three printers, I also have a Mars Pro which hasn't seen the light of day since the Photon arrived.

I bought a Prusa because I spent too much time faffing about with the Qidi to get good prints then it'll go 'off tune' for no apparent reason.

I won't be wasting filament on benchys and other wastes of filament, I have chassis that need printing.
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The only 3d printing stuff I buy since my printers is filament. No need to do any upgrading. I mean, I got an MMU2 for one of them, and build a LACK table enclosure for the other one, but other than feeding it filament 24/7, that's pretty much it.

Prusa support is fantastic, along with a variety of community forums and FB groups, but you're welcome to ping me any time.
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No new machinery this year, but several upgrades a Micro Swiss hot end for my CR10s and some hardened steel nozzles so I can squirt carbon fibre without tearing the nozzle inside out. 


And printed this in CF, Lola T333 wide nose.


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I can confirm that Lola of John's is superb and the finish is excellent and requires very little finishing. It is the first time I have been tempted with a 3d printed body shell as most others I have seen on these and other boards pages leave a lot to be desired. Great to see these things improving all the time. Keep up the good work you guys.



What filament is that John?


It is carbon fibre strands in PLA from Amazon as below.

Few issues on layer de-lamination to start with but good customer support and upping the nozzle temperature to 245-250C and knocking back the fan speed fixed that. The black comes out more silver grey but at least I can see what it is from a distance. 

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My preferred filament is CF-PETG, I find 240-245°C and 25% fan works

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