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Identify this car please - The start of my Bordo 2022 Builds.

So I bought a couple of cars a while ago ...... for the motors actually - this one is a Russkit 36d that has been worked over by Dyna- Rewind - kind of holy grail of the 60's motors.

But I like the stance of this car. And the look. But cannot identify it :(

Gonna rework it and set it up maybe for Bordo 2022.



Ford Galaxie???
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'68 Ford Galaxie 500
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Yes it appears to be a '68 Ford Galaxie on a home made chassis, with a vintage motor as well.

 How does it run/drive?

Underneath that brass is the back part of a Dynamic chassis. Always a good basis for a quick car.
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Hello Anthony,............I may be wrong, but, I thought the Dyna Rewind folks, only ever worked on/produced  16D and 26D motors ??

Chris Walker
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Chris - my word - you may be wrong  Cool Rofl Rofl Rofl Rofl

Seriously - I have an original 16D High torque Dyna rewind in its box.  These labels are exactly the same. Added to this their signature balancing of parallel cuts in the arm are there as well.
I think these are genuine. I am sure their adverts stated - send us your motor and we will balance and bullet proof the arms for you. These 2 look like those types of motors.
I also have one of the genuine Monogram Lotus 38's that they advertised and sold in 66/7. Again those balancing marks are the same as these.


The Bordo 2022 subject is - 2 and 4 door Sedans/Saloons - body style/age changed for the first time and is now up to 1982 (was 1972), however all chassis, motors etc need to still be manufactured prior to 1972, and no sponge, silicones or angle winders allowed.

Scratching through my voluminous to do pile I have come up with these :







Yes that is an Atlas 406 Sun

What do ya think?
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You can't really go wrong can you? Dynamic in 24th and Atlas or Pittman in 32nd.

After my debacle this year, I'm going for reliability before outright speed if I get to Bordo next year. Definitely 196B in 32nd but I may risk a 270S in 24th.

Saloons looks as if it will mean yank tanks then!! It would be good to get a littlun going well to give all these giants a scare.
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Agreed - not 100% I will be there - will depend on how I do and feel after Roncole verde next week.

I have literally used what I have - I have a 32nd Mustang as well. Will look aroound at my inumerable fibreglass bodies to see what I have there in little 'ns  :)

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