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So Social media went down ....

Social media went down yesterday. Face book lost 5% on their share price and Zuckerberg is a billion $ poorer.... for today anyway.

Other than that I really didnt miss it, and surely it is a directive to hold our info, pictures and interactions for our hobby on a more secure base like the forum?  I am sure that for clubs this would be the case.?

The counter is - I am sure we will get no increased traffic because of this....

What do you guys think??

As I said on another forum, most of our club members aren't registered on the forums so they relied on FB products for infos and whether we like it or not it is what it is.
..thankfully it's back and I can contact our club committee as one again.

I have to say, I'm very tempted to have a Facebook-free Monday each week...
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Never use it so I didn't miss it.

Seems like an awful fuss about not very much. Six hours out of a life doesn't seem too hard to take.
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A good mixture of both (Forums + FB) helps the Hobby most. Only my 2 Cents.....


Donne e motori, gioie e dolori - Frauen und Autos, Freuden und Leiden
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I don’t do Facebook….although it can be a good resource for the hobby, I find the widespread lack of civility and decorum distasteful (IMHO).  I limit myself to the boards for that reason.
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I have never got social media, and the lax privacy controls.
Don't like it, never used it and the world would be better without IMO.
I might be in a minority, but it doesn't mean I am wrong  Bigsmile
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Facebook? What’s that? 
Who needs it when we have forums already dedicated to our hobby Thumbup.
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The world is going to hell on a handcart - climate change, energy crisis, virus, labour shortage, panic buying everything - and it is headline news that people can't access a social media site for just 6 hours? The mind boggles.
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We get electricity and water cut off for longer than that occasionally. I don't recall seeing the locals up in arms and thinking the world has already ended.

Real life endeth here.

However, there are obviously a few people who rely on Whatsapp for medical help etc. They, I guess have a genuine beef but all the eggs in one basket was always a dangerous thing.
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