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Hornby: A model world

Look out for a new TV series on Yesterday (Sky TV) coming all about Hornby - will definitely watch for this one Talking

Ten one-hour long episodes - wow.   Hopefully one episode will be dedicated to the Scalextric brand so no need to watch the whole lot.

Leo     Rofl

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11 Oct 21:00 British time I think...
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Starts on the 11th October

i will aactually watch them all - and titbits I can glean as I build my track - I will gratefully accept :)
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(28th-Sep-21, 12:02 PM)dvd3500 Wrote:  11 Oct 21:00 British time I think...
Terrestrial Free view channel 26
No need to have sky Cool
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And FreeSAT which I can even get here in the EU with a nice big satellite dish. :-)
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A link here on SlotRacer Online after broadcasting would be great. Thumbup
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Here's the trailer...

I have it on good authority that the Scalextric team were very much involved in the making of the series - but the main focus will be trains, of course.

Here's a link to the blurb from the Hornby website:

Yesterday is part of UKTV, which has its own web and app-based media players called UKTV Play:

If you're watching from overseas, you'll probably need a VPN add-on for your browser. If you don't have a paid-for VPN service, the VPNs bundled with Opera and Firefox may be sufficient.
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Did anyone watch the first episode? I enjoyed it - all trains, but plenty in there that’s been discussed here on the forum… Landscaping, video, sound. Definitely worth watching.

Looks like more trains and a bit of Corgi next Monday.
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