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Foam tires DYO

Question: anybody tried to make foam tires out of flip flop shoes yet! Seen it on the net, but not how it is done?
Anyboby got any experience?

Thanks, Nico

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One of our (1:32) club members regularly races flip-flop tyres, literally cuts them from an old (or new) flip-flop, glues them to hubs and grinds them on an electric drill (like a lathe), personally I prefer to use  spongies made for the job from a supplier like Betta&Classic and grind them on a Hudy
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A friend who goes by "Partspig" on many forums has a die that he uses to stamp out blanks from flip flops. They fit HO hubs well, and can be ground down to nearly any size from dragster and monster trucks down to racing slicks. Just need to trim down the width while spinning them on a mandrel using a straight edge razor blade. I have a bag full of them, but haven't had a chance to finish them off yet. I think he recommends coating them with flowable silicone after sized and shaped. A bit of work I suppose, but available in lots of fun colors, as well as basic black.

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