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Comparison of Scalextric Porsche 962 and 911 GT3R

I would like to ask if anyone has any feeling or data of comparative lap times between the Scalextric Porsche 962 C436 and the later Porsche 911 GT3R C 2786.

On the track in the video below I can get the 911 around in a best of 2.95 seconds but the 2 off 962's despite quite a bit of TLC is at 4.1 seconds.

I know the 911 GT3R is a car that is dominated by Magnatraction but the 962 also has a bar magnet and a lot lower centre of gravity.

The 962 is very tail end happy and can de-slot a bit easy, almost feels like the guide flag is lifting out of the slot. I had hoped that the 962 would be similar performance to the Cadillac's in the video, on the basis that they both have a lowish CG and inline motors.

I certainly think that the 962's have very well prepared tyres and I have tried some silicones as well with little difference.

Any thoughts?

Thanks Baz


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