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A bizarre power fault

Yesterday the brakes stopped working on one lane of my track. Being a bit slow on the uptake I didn't bother to try the other lane but immediately suspected a broken wire in the controller so took it apart to check. All was well but I still thought it might be the culprit so tried my Scorpius controller instead - not only no brakes but the car was permanently under full power as well!

At this point I did have the sense to try the second lane and all was well there so the problem was obviously in one half. Both lanes are separately wired so next I tried switching the power supplies in case one had a fault. Nope, not the cause.

Out with the multimeter and 20 minutes checking the various bits of wiring. No fault found. I was beginning to think that the 2 amp 3 pin socket might be faulty so removed it to check but the multimeter found no continuity fault. After a bit of head scratching and a modicum of swearing I thought I might try swapping the socket over from the 2nd lane. Voila! All was fixed so it was the socket after all!

I then proceeded to dismantle the faulty one, springs and bits of metal flew everywhere including one small piece of brass. This turned out to be part of the earth connection which had broken off and was causing the problem. The multimeter failed to flag it up as the two brake wires were connected to each other but not making contact with the relevant pin in the plug.

Easy fix after all - change the socket.

It was at this point I remembered that the exact same thing had happened a year ago but I had totally forgotten about it. Doh! The care home beckons.  Banghead
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