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I like Minis

For some unfathomable reason, over the years I have developed an inordinate fondness for Minis.
I now have far too many, but some of them are actually quite interesting.
First the boring stuff.
Early Scalex C7 (don't like the one with the silly wheel arches), favorite is the black one.
Next the Scalex FWD C76

Now to the more interesting stuff, the Airfix minis which was modified many times over its production years, I prefer the early ones with the useless underpan.

The Airfix mini clearly inspired many scratchbuilders to try their luck in all sort of interesting ways, here is a group shot.

In the next post we'll look at the details

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Hi Joel.
This one by John Secchi is my favourite slot Mini. But like you I have an attachment to the early Airfix ones with the plastic undertray and hopeless "cube" motor. Any sight of these takes me straight back to my first slot racing days.
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Yes, I guess you do.
 I have a couple that I mix in with the other "smaller" cars

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That John Secchi Mini is just mad, it is built to a recipe others also used: FWD with floating/suspended rear axle.
Like here

Or here

Even this one with the flimsiest suspension springs known to man.

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Mike Carr's Mini made a name for itself at the Whitehaven open meeting a long time ago. See page 3 onwards.
.pdf Whitehaven meeting & Mini.pdf Size: 667.29 KB  Downloads: 57

Thanks for that link Eddie, great article.
To finish my Mini saga, here is a mundane one (but I like it) need to fit some wheels to that steering unit, I reckon it would go quite well.

Next is my favorite of all, the gorgeous 4WD pink Mini (and who hasn't lusted after a pink Mini?), yet a total failure, the tyres barely touch the track, it needs a motor change to something like a 13UO.

I have saved the best till last. 4WD Ks powered.

That's all my minis, let's have a look at yours Cool

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My Scalextric Classic Minis:


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Wow man! That's a lot of cool and different Minis. I only have one, and I modified it to death for a Targa Florio livery.


The parts, and the planned livery in the photos in the background.


Chop, chop, hack, hack...


Targa Florio wheel flairs added.


Plum crazy purple.


It runs very well with a scratch built aluminum chassis, and roller bearings on all four corners.


My one and only Mini.
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I used this one at Bordeaux in 2008. It is the Downton Twinni Mini which ran at the Targa Florio it follows the real car and has two K's motors and 4WD. I was told that it was originally built by Gordon Murray but the truth got in the way of a good story when I contacted Gordon who said he could not remember building it.
Airfix body.

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I had a drive of Phil's Twinni Mini on the Bordo' track and can confirm it went really well Thumbup

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