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Too late to say Hello?

I made a few posts here more than a year ago. Better late than never, I say!

Partly for sentimental reasons, I have stuck to the old slot forum so far. It was the place that got me started with this hobby and from which I have learned a lot from older threads.

But since the Big Time Operators have taken over it is not funny anymore. Nuff said... Maybe you, who started this forum saw it coming?

My main approach to this hobby is building my own wood bodies, often with a wooden chassis as well. Some of you know me already. Here are some pics for those who don't.



If I should make anything worth showing it will turn up here.

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Great to see you back here! It's the place to be.
I have always enjoyed your projects.
Please let the pictures coming.

rallyhub Thumbup

Hi Carver - abolutely aesome to have you here - I have always hugely admired your work

Please feel free to set up threads showcasing your work as it will always be avaialble here .

Yes we did see the issues coming - purely because a couple of the tech geniuses in this team were liasing with VS, and realised what the impact would be on a lot of the things that were being fixed by 'us' at the time, and would then fall away with a new database. There is a huge amount of work creating and running a forum and the realisation hit of how much a waste of time the effort was to maintaining what was there. I personally want to be clear that we hold NO grudges with anyone on SFI and we still are in contact with a lot of friends we made there. It is so sad that so much of the history of our hobby has gone as a result. Nuff said Sun Sun 

Welcome on booard again Thumbup Thumbup
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Fabulous work Carver. Thumbup

Welcome back to your new/old home, Carver.  Thumbup

I doubt you will be alone in deciding that SFI is being strangled by the money men and a move is in order.

Welcome again.
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Hello Carver, Greetings from Scotland.

Your "off-beat" builds are refreshing amongst the more traditional fodder of scratch-builders.  Keep 'em coming!


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Wavegreen Thanks for the kind comments and for not chasing me away!
I seem to know all commentators earlier, I must try to recall from where. Bigsmile

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Didn't we meet at the 49th street bus stop?

If you can't remember. Just blame the "Adjustment Bureau".  Cool

Ken, I think I do remember! Idea  You were wearing a hat, right?

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