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Halfords Spray Paints

So I want to paint the front half of one white kit 'black', and a second white kit 'white'. The simplest thing for me to do is to pop round to my local Halfords and buy some spray cans. So what do I need...

Primer...'plastic' primer rather than one for 'bare metal'?

Primer...grey to suit both finish colours, or white to suit the lightest?

Top coats...anyone got a favourite 'black', anyone got a favourite 'white'?


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From limited personal experience  the white plastic primer and the Toyota super white (I think that's what it's called) gives the whitest white. I used this on a few resprays of old scaley minis that were originally yellow and red and you couldn't tell which was which afterwards which I think is a good sign.

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Yep, Halfords spray cans are great. Must be plastic primer - white under white, grey under darker colours - although red looks best with a red primer.

Lots of light coats. George Turner's 'Hints & Tips' are perfect for me:

I've used 'Gloss Black' and 'Suzuki Superior White', plus 'Volkswagen Pastel White' which gives a classic 50s/60s off-white.
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The white I have most often used is Aplliance White.
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Appliance White is probably the brightest White but Suzuki Superior White is pretty good as well.
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