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Braid preparation

Do you guys have any tips on braid preparation for 1/32 scale home slot cars on Scalextric Sport track?

I have been teasing the new braid out to look like a witches broom but I wondered what others find works for them.


To make the braid wider to help with current pick up I push the braid together lengthways so that it spreads the weave out.

 The problem with teasing it out like a witches broom is that you land up with lots of small wispy bits of braid which soon wear away.

A useful modification for all Scalextric cars with the disc guide is unfolding the braids into an SCX pattern thus lowering the guide. It also increases the contact patch for the braids.
    Standard on left, unfolded on right.
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You should tease open the ends of the braid for sure to get more surface area contact on the track braid/rails. You do need to do this with the utmost care.

When replacing the braid the braid itself should not be longer than the slot guide, cutting the braid length to match the slot guide will reduce possibilities of shorts from the stray braid strands.

When to replace the braid is easy, once you see it has become real bushy and thin, get into replacing them asap, too thin and the braid will start losing contact with the track braid/rails. I have my new braid cut about 4mm longer than I need making it easier to work with, after inserted into the guide and eyelets are installed I then cut the braid down to the guide length.

For Scalextric Quick Change guides the process is similar, though you can have half a dozen ready to go.


Thanks for the reply's, I should have thought of the SCX style braid as I have a couple of SCX cars. 

I have just fitted new braids to a couple of the Cadillac Le Mans cars in the SCX style and the braid slightly compressed length ways and the cars are running pretty nicely.

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