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Start of weekly Interest Discussion

A Really nice feature of FB are the pages that generate interest with weekly subjects to post pictures about. A huge benefit is that here all the weekly discussions will remain visible in the threads in this forum, as well as being able to easily see the current suggestion and related thread.

So ... Our first discussion is: Overview of your Track




This was at the stage of track shape development.... have since decided to add more wood and make a bridge....
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                Track is three lane MDF. When first installed, I took some care with the scenery but it's deteriorated of late. I've basically only ever been a racer at heart and the track is used to tune cars for specific events or just to keep the reactions up
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Nice track Gordon and would love one like that in my garage!!! 

Welcome on board!!

Ok let's see if I can do this . A few pictures of my mdf track called Shedingarden ,for obvious reasons , it's in the shed in the garden .!! Tracks been down nearly 2 years

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I knew I would muck this up

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Carrera track outdoors. (weathering comes free)



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Here's my HO MaxTrax bullring oval - the Rock County Raceway - which gets set up in the basement for an evening of vintage T-Jet racing...


It's a lot of fun in a very small space...


There's also a two-lane HO test track upstairs, built mostly from Tomy AFX sectional track with a custom routed piece by Brad Bowman - now with an eight-foot HO drag strip above it...


A Scalextric ARC Pro layout gets set up from time to time - plans are afoot to squeeze a more permanent track round two walls.
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Our club track housed in a purpose built shed

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This was taken 3 years ago (my then 9 year old son) when I first introduced him to the Hobby.  New track is about to start construction. Multi-level incorporating key elements from his and my favorite parts of tracks from around the World.  I can not wait to begin and share the pictures with all of you. I can not believe the skill and creativeness in all of your tracks.... MUCH respect!.....

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