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Comics about and with cars and races

Ever since I was a young boy I loved comics. In the weekly they would print 2 pages of a story and then you had to wait for a whole week before you could read the next 2 pages. Sun 

One of the stories would be about Michel Vaillant, this is how I got into cars and racing at a young age.
Now I have the complete collection, numbers 1 to 75 and all the issues from the next series.

But I though that there should be more, so I searched the web. Found a couple of very nice comic books I didn’t know. Translated from French to Dutch, insiders know France is the pinnacle of comics.

Here the 4 I just bought. Maybe you have some as well?

The first one is a story that is situated at the Nürnberg Ring:

The second one is about a mechanic that meets a wannabe team owner.

The third one is about Porsches great victories (part 1)

The fourth one is about the Ferrari vs. Ford battle
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Nice cover art there.

How about The Tiger...they could have invented the Thunderslot slotification!


And I can remember another comic that featured racing Minis with very low rooflines and wide wheel arches, a bit like the BRM...

I love puttering with gears
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