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Adding road lines?

I am new to this forum. i’m building a lot of scenery around my track and I want my track look authentic.  my straightaways are OK, but I wanna know how you guys are able to put road lines on the curved parts of the track. I would like this to be accurate and as true to scale as possible.  

I thought about pinstriping, but I’m worried about the tape crumbling up on the 90° curves.

Anyone have anything to throw in?
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Hi Nelsonmay,

I used masking tape from the car part shop. Here is how I did it on my Dutch Trio Track:

rallyhub Thumbup

Creating road lines.                                                                                                                         Ready

Welcome aboard. Wavegreen 
Pinstripe works fine on my wooden track but not sure how well it sticks to plastic track. It is very flexible and even hairpins should be OK providing you don't rush it. It is very cheap, under £3 a roll, so you won't lose much by trying it out.


For my 1/32 track I used bic white out pens.  Easy to apply and the white is very thin and flat.  My present track the white lines are going strong since application in early 2019.  A previous track of mine the lines have lasted since 2011.  Downfall is the price of the pens as I used several packages for a 90 foot track.

[Image: 80-C7-E7-FA-A659-47-AC-A295-886312662098.jpg]

[Image: 62-E10598-7-B70-486-F-9-CD9-49-A80-D010-E16.jpg][Image: 9-B337-FA2-4-CBD-4964-9520-2-E7-AF9-C733-AF.jpg]

For my two 4 lane layouts I cheated and purchased a Beugler pin striping tool  Rofl

Very easy to use, after a bit of practice,  and I was impressed with the results. 
I used a little tin of good old Humbrol white paint, and practiced on some scrap cardboard until I was brave enough to move onto the tracks.....

The hardest bit was getting a Beugler pin striper at a decent price.  There are usually a few on ebay,  but it took me a couple of months of searching to obtain a used one for a sensible price.   They are American,  but very good, and of course you can always sell them back on after you have finished...

on plastic track, you can use Edding pen or similiar paint pen for the road lines. 

will you paint the track surface grey or will it stay black?
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In the HWY system at least in the US they are called "Fog Lines".

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