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Frequent Flyer miles

Had an email from BA today to inform me that my avios miles were about to expire and they would disappear if I didn't buy a plane ticket soon which could be a bit tricky in present circumstances. This might have been seriously annoying if I had any quantity of them but as my total balance is just 3 miles I wont lose any sleep over it. Rofl 

Contrast that to a recent communication from Virgin Atlantic, where I do have a large stash of miles, which said that they were extending the life of them indefinitely.

Guess which airline I shall be using when things return to some sort of normality?
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I think I will be giving airlines a miss from now on.

I love puttering with gears
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I’m based in Singapore and use their airline , ALOT, but not for a year. My membership tier renewal was last November. They sent me my gift pack with a note to say that although hadn’t achieved the required miles they had topped up my status and I was good for another year. Back in January I received another note to say they were adding a further year on my tier membership , but no gift pack. 

As per you Virgin experience it’s things like this that folks remember when flying becomes a thing again .
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