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Collectors Gazette

       Just a heads up that the latest edition of Collectors Gazette has an article on slot cars. It looks as if it will be a series of a few monthly articles.
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where do we go to obtain or subscribe?

Australian Slot Car Group (ASCG)
[url=]Australian Slot Car Group (ASCG) - all things Slot Cars[/url]

NSW Slot Car Group (NSWSCG)
[url=]NSW Slot Car Group (NSWSCG)[/url]

Hi Johnno. Try here.

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!
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I get mine in Smiths but subscription can be obtained from

What is the make-up of this magazine, number of pages of "articles" versus total number of pages?  I see they state 9 pages of sales results.


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