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Adventures with Lexan

I am starting to build several 1/32nd and 1/24th cars with 60's Lexan (clear) bodies.

A question as I need some info - do I have to mask the screens with tape or can I use Micro mask in the windows. I will be using polycarbonate paint and am not sure if it will 'melt' the micromask as I know acrylic paints do not.

Any one have any info on this???
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You're better off with tape for nice crisp lines.
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Second vote for tape Anthony.............I am sure you already know this but, once you have placed your tape and decals, a light dust coat of clear PC paint will seal the edges of the tape/ bleeds,...Priceless and ..."Simple ".. Sun

Chris Walker

Brilliant Chris!!!

Wanted to avoid tape as my hands shake when I do precision work ( after effect of Angolan war). But I will persevere Bigsmile Bigsmile
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Spent a fruitful Morning finding chassis and fitting them to the bodies.

Henious Crime I know but I will be painting these on the Outside, Have attached the 1/32nds in the traditional manner with side clips, using 3 late 60's early 70's chassis I believe manufactured in Argentina. One is definitely a lil cuc Cox cloned idea for sure.

The 1/24ths I am going to use a system I have wanted to for a while - velcro. I have this super sticky stuff I got from Amazon (actually for my wife who never used it) that works well with removal and reattaching the bodies.

I have the paint and the decals - so after some more fettling to make everything fit,adjust wheel widths, add detail (like Carb stacks and exhausts etc) it will be away I go   Rofl 


Lola M6 - Mecom


Lola t 70


Select Chappy 2 D



Lotus 30


Chappy 2G - Lancer original


Honker - Lancer Original


King Cobra - Lancer Original


Matich - Lancer copy


Thanks for looking
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Hi Anthony, have been busy.

Not that there is a right or wrong, but, why have you decided to paint them on the outside??

Chris Walker

PS You do know that much of the PC paint dries to semi gloss (ish) finish...which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yup Chris - aware of that - but a couple of the bodies have yellowed, and tbh - just prefer outside paint - they dont look so 'shiny/plasticky' - Cool

Primary reason - is I hate the look when attaching the body with screws on the sides as per the 60's..... I could have reversed the process by painting first and then attaching the body mounts?

Why do you think painting inside is better Chris?

Hi Anthony,

I once made the mistake of picking up the wrong can of paint for a plastic body. I meant to use the Tamiya TS, but instead grabbed a can of Tamiya PS paint for lexan by mistake. I only realized right after spraying the car. Oops.

I went rushing to the internet to find out why I shouldn't do that? Everyone told me not to mix the paint, but didn't say why. I was hoping my nice new car wouldn't melt into a pile of goo or something.

TS is for hard plastic. Has a good shine. But is brittle and will crack when applied to flexible lexan.

PS is for flexible lexan and has flexing properties that make it look semi-gloss when applied to the outside of a body. The only way to get TS paint to shine is spray the inside of the lexan and let the lexan shine, and the colour come through the lexan. It's also mpossible to scratch the paint when on the inside.

This is what PS paint looks like on the outside of a plastic body. I was okay with it, and left it alone.


Best of luck with your cars. They look very cool.  Thumbup

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!  Checkeredflag
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(6th-Jan-21, 06:29 PM)Anthony B Wrote:  Yup Chris - aware of that - but a couple of the bodies have yellowed, and tbh - just prefer outside paint - they dont look so 'shiny/plasticky' - Cool

Why do you think painting inside is better Chris?

I do think it is better for cars that are to be aggressively raced., as shell protects the paint/decals.........I don't for any of the butyrate bodies that have yellowed, or for cars that you are trying to finish with a more realistic appearance, and or raced in a more "relaxed" manner

So, I use both methods, no one better than the other.

Chris Walker
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