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Some of my builds

I'm not really a scratch-builder, more of a RTR tuner really, so I thought this thread belonged in the 1:32 Scale forum and not the Scratchbuild forum.

Anyway, someone had asked on another of my threads to show some of my cars. Here are a few repaints and cars with 3D printed chassis' that I have worked on...

A Sideways Ford Capri entered in past North American Group 5 Proxies. This one has Slot.It Flat-6 AW, Slot.It running gear, and NSR SuperGrip rear tires. I don't recall what gear ratio it runs.


A couple of bodies that I sprayed with the same Testor's "Star Spangled Blue".


The same Ford Mustang as in the above photo slammed for our Sportsman class and showing considerable track wear. This is my fastest car. It turned a 5.599 on my 80' routed wood mdf track. That's nearly two tenths faster than my next fastest, which happens to be the Porsche 908 pictured with it above. It has a blue Olifer chassis, an H&R Hawk SW motor, Slot.It running gear, and NSR SuperGrips on the rear.


The NSR Porsche 908 shown in front of a field of sports racers. This is my second fastest car. It ran a 5.783 on my 80' track. Stock NSR.


An SRC Porsche 914/6. This one has an Olifer 3D chassis, a Slot.It Flat-6 IL, and Slot.It running gear. It surprised me with a win in a round of the 2020 Trans Am U2.0L Proxy! It's fast lap on my home track is a 6.437.


An NSR Corvette C6R. This car has been de-motored to comply with local club regulations. It sports an NSR 19.5K King AW, 12/28 NSR gears, a stock NSR chassis, and NSR SuperGrips in the rear. It recently finished 4th in Round 2 of the 2021 North American GT3 Proxy. Of the other 26 other cars, not one is turning less than 25k!


A Fly Viper and a Fly Panoz GTR. Each of these cars sports an Olifer 3D printed chassis, an NSR Spanish King 19K motor IL, and Slot.It 9/26 gears. Both cars handle superbly and both are silky smooth. The Panoz handles so well that it's almost a bore to drive. It could easily handle more motor and will get a future upgrade. The Viper also handles superbly. It sometimes feels a little on edge in the corners, but always proves that it has grip to spare. It is a thrill to drive!


An MRRC Chaparral 2C and a Monogram Corvette Grand Sport. Each of these also sports an Olifer 3D printed chassis and Slot.It running gear. The GS is powered by an NSR 19.5K King motor and the Chaparral makes us of a Slot.It Flat-6. Both fun cars to drive.


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Very nice work indeed!!! Thumbup

Some nice looking stuff, Steve.  Thumbup

Ack! That poor Mustang..  Ambulance

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!  Checkeredflag

Good to see some slot cars that have obviously done a bit of racing and bear the odd little battle scar. I have built a few cars with 3D chassis and most of them have been an improvement over the standard car.
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(4th-Jan-21, 09:59 PM)KensRedZed Wrote:  Some nice looking stuff, Steve.  Thumbup

Ack! That poor Mustang..  Ambulance

I had a difficult time hacking up a pristine body to make that Sportsman Mustang. Wish I had had a junker. Anyway, the damage is done and it is a stellar performer!  Thumbup
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