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Just Finished These

I finished these two just before Christmas along with the Kingcobra that I posted in the vintage section.

 Revell/Monogram Lola T70 body bought secondhand from the estate of Colin Nichols who ran SSRC for a long time. It came mounted on a Slotit HRS chassis but it didn't fit very well and the chassis was cracked.



 The chassis was inspired by a thread on another forum and is mainly lolly sticks with a bit of ply and brass tube. It is possible to run the axles directly in the wood but I couldn't get the holes to line up so I used bearings. Mine is more complicated than the original concept and I didn't make any drawings so I had to remake parts of it several times to get everything to fit.

 I love the early USRRC cars and I bought this MRRC Kellison body several years ago in Pendle's sale but never got a chassis sorted. Really pleased with the sit of the car which looks just right to me. 


 I spoke to John Shorter who borrowed the body and drew up a 3D printed chassis. The front motor mount was slightly too short and needed a plasticard shim to hold the motor in tight but John has updated his printing file now and if anyone else wants a chassis he will be glad to print one for you for a very reasonable price. He can be contacted through the traders section (jsmay) or via Facebook.


 How do they run?  Haven't a clue at the moment as I don't have a track at home so will have to wait until club reopens.
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Really nice jobs Tony - the Kellison looks awesome!!

The Surtees T70 is legendary.

The Kellison is super cool, and different.  Thumbup

Darn. Another one to add to my list of "must haves".

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!  Checkeredflag

Thanks for the compliments about the Kellison. I have trial fitted several chassis under it over the years but just couldn't find one that worked with wheels and tyres that gave the chunky brutish look of the real car so thanks to John for designing and printing the chassis for me. 

If you want an MRRC Kelliison body I would have a good search around now. MRRC aren't making them any longer - in fact they don't seem to be making anything at the moment - so they are getting hard to find.

 I was lucky enough to see a real Kellison 3 or 4 years ago at Goodwood Festival of Speed but uinforunately I didn't get to see and hear it running.

 There are some great cars from that period of US Racing. I like all the obscure sportscars like the Hussein, Zerex Special and the Genie but there aren't many available at affordable prices as hard bodies in 1/32.

Thank you kindly for the advice on finding a body, Tony.

I just noticed the NSR Shark 25k and 9-28 gears. That car must fly!  Wrench

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!  Checkeredflag

Most of my cars run motors around 25000 rpm as they seem to suit our club track. Unfortunately I haven't got a track at home and we haven't been able to race at club since March 2020 so I have quite a few cars that I have built but haven't been able to test yet I hope it will fly (well not literally).
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