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Whichwood Quarry

Here's my track, Whichwood Quarry.


It's a temporary analogue Scalextric layout, mixing Sport and Classic track, with some attempt at scenery modules, buildings, figures, trees etc. The layout measures 3.5m x 1.5m and has lane lengths of nearly 20m.



It loosely recreates a rally set in the 1970s, which is my favourite era and type of motor sport. It's actually based on my experiences of going to watch the R.A.C. Rally as a youngster, in the cold, and often bleak conditions of the Yorkshire countryside in winter. Although it's a rally track, I've kept it as a two lane circuit, mainly because people like racing against each other, rather than against the clock.


The scenery is made almost entirely from free materials, and it's all built in modules, so that I can dismantle it and pack the track away. I've used cardboard for the borders, walls and general structure, polystyrene packaging for the rock faces, collected heather and twigs for the trees, moss for the shrubby weeds, sawdust for the grass and leaves, and scouring pads for hedges. The main cost for the scenery was in glue and paint.

Nice one Jason - would love to see some overall pictures - kind of from a distance. Always like seen these pics as well to generate ideas Bigsmile
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Unfortunately, there was no room to take any shots from a distance. The track was set up in our old house, and it took up every bit of the room apart from maybe a metre's width along one wall for the drivers. So getting a shot of the whole layout was impossible.

This cobbled together series of shots was the best I could manage to give an overall impression of the full layout.


Hopefully I'll be able to set it up in our new home sometime,  where there is much more space, and I might be able to get a wider view.

Or perhaps I'll just make a bigger track and fill the space to bursting point again.  Bigsmile
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Hi Jason,

I love the parc fermé on your track and that typical 'seventies rally atmosphere.
Great track, well done.

rallyhub Thumbup
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Thanks Hub.
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Hello Jason,

Is there already any news about your track on its new location?
It would be great to see some new photos of the track.

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Nothing to report I'm afraid.

It's all stacked away in the attic, and I'm too busy to set it up.
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Very nice track.
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Nicely done!  Thumbup Thumbup
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Thank you.


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