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Editing Posts - no time limit

So one of the annoying things with SF was the time limit on editing. All of the other forums I am on let you go back and edit your topic or reply whenever you want.

So is it possible to let people go back and edit their posts? No time limit imposed?

As a forum mod/admin in other areas (I know, how could all not be slot cars, right) I think a better solution is that you can edit a post as long as no one has responded to that post.
If you say, answer a question during lunch (who needs food), get home, realize you forgot something and no one else has responded you can go back to edit.
If however someone has responded I don't think it is a good idea to be able to change the original post.

Concrete example:

I post a thread asking about the diameter of a wheel.
You respond and say "20 inches"
I go back and change my question to be about the length of a body part (an arm for example) ... the conversation, much like this post gets out of hand very quickly. (see what i did there? Thank goodness I have a day job...)

Seriously though, I have found that if someone responds you have to leave it set in stone. Otherwise the conversation falls apart.
in a face-to-face conversation you also can't "unsay" things (words are like bullets, you shoot 'em off and you can't call them back my Dad always said) .

Now I know there are rare occasions where something has to be removed but I would say those should be an exception...
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I'd warn against it.

In the very early days of Slotforum a user called Moped Rider would put up totally non-factual, nonsensical posts and then after a few responses would change it completely.

If he heard that Slotracer had unlimited editing he might come back. Banghead

Understand what you are saying dvd but I might decide I want to change something I said in a conversation - perhaps something I said was wrong, or I made a spelling mistake or I don't want a part of the message in the thread anymore. Even if it upsets the flow of the thread a little I think I should have the option to revise my post or a part of it if I choose to. I don't see a problem with me going back and removing it. I think it is good that I can edit my posts whenever I want and would prefer that option. Doesn't happen a lot but it is something that I personally prefer.

People will quickly sort him out if he did Mr M. On Home Racing World and SCI - I can edit any post I have made - I just went back and checked a post I made in 2012 - I can edit it if I want. I like having that option.

Jason - I am not a mod on SCI or HRW so not sure if it is an issue as you mentioned for the Mods there but I don't recall any discussion around the topic or it being mentioned as an issue.
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There are lots of problems with unlimited editing.

Apart from the ones mentioned above it also means that moderators would have to keep an eye on every post on the forum. It wouldn't be just recent posts that might include spam, malicious links, privacy issues, or other undesirable nasties, it could be posts from weeks and months ago. It would make keeping the forum clean an impossible job.
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Limiting the edit period encourages users to think about what they are posting rather than knee-jerking - that's definitely a plus point.  


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.
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Well, after a quick consultation with the other lunatics that impetuously decided to set up this place, we've decided to try out a compromise.

We obviously can't allow indefinite editing, for reasons already mentioned, but let's try out an extended editing period of four hours, and see how that goes.

I think that should be plenty of time to correct typos and spelling mistakes, eliminate unnecessay apostrophe's, and generally tidy up what you've written.

But please bear in mind all the points that people have raised above. Edits should not be used to change the meaning of what you've written, or alter the order of the discussion, because that just spoils things for all of us reading a thread.

Let's see how it goes. Thanks.
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Sensible idea.

If the system allows it I would argue for a few hours or until there is a response whichever comes first but few hours is a good start!

We can only do it by a time limit, as far as I know.

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