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Cars bought by members in 2021

Thought I would get the 2021 thread up and ready as 2021 is fast approaching, my how 2020 has gone fast even during all this pandemic, lockdowns and restrictions. Let's hope that 2021 will be even better for the world.

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I'm just happy that this thread doesn't cover spare bits...I don't want to know what I acquire over the year, although I do have a growing pile of really useful looking boxes in my garage that I am loathed to throw away, that gives me some idea!

I love puttering with gears

Slightly eager to buy new cars, Johnno?  Bigsmile

If I recently ordered cars/kits and they only arrive in January. Do they count as 2021?  Cool

(19th-Dec-20, 06:56 PM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote:  I'm just happy that this thread doesn't cover spare bits...I don't want to know what I acquire over the year, although I do have a growing pile of really useful looking boxes in my garage that I am loathed to throw away, that gives me some idea!

I know hey about the bits and bobs, the forum server wouldn't be able to cope with the posts  Bigsmile

So you are a box hoarder also hey? I started keeping the boxes and packaging materials only because of the costs to have to buy them again plus it does feel good to recycle where and when


Shouldn't count my chickens as it's not here yet - but heading my way is this wonderful Vanquish MG McLaren M8B. 


The reason for posting ahead of time is to see if anyone can recommend some easily obtainable replacement wing mirrors. Both are broken off and missing. Similar looking substitutes would be fine. Maybe there's something from Scalextric that would fit the bill, for example? The rear wing is in the box so no worries there - and I'll be ordering a decent set of decals from Pattos, unless someone knows of a UK source for something similar? Again, not bothered about them being Vanquish - but correct to the 1:1 car would be good. Either the #4 or #5 version, I'm not fussed. The advantage of Pattos is I can ask him to resize a set to suit, using the diameter of the nose roundel as a reference, as I believe the Vanquish cars are nearer 1:29 scale?

P.S. Forgot, the driver's right hand is missing but Pendle's seem to have plenty of figures I could remove one from.
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Well I have had a bit of a break from slot cars for a while but the urge has returned  Bigsmile 

2 new arrivals this year, first on is this given to me by a club member as a thanks for work I have done for him:

Slot It Skyline R32:

[Image: KENpjtw.jpg]

I will buy myself the Calsonic Livery when its out to make up a pair for my home track   Sun

Next up, I bought this for home use with some tweaking in mind to get it to run nice, it actually took less than I thought and now awaits a nice Carrera Mclaren 720s GT3 as a racing partner when the "Blau" livery is released  Cool

Carrera Ferrari 488 GT3

[Image: xYtSPDX.jpg]
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My first three cars for 2021. 

Scalextric BMW 330i M Sport. BTCC Andrew Jordan.
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    Scalextric Tyrell 001. 1970.

Great looking car, fabulous detail!  Just a shame Sir Jackie's helmet has only a red band, not his correct tartan band. I believe this is his choice, his personal tartan colour scheme is his property, if you like.

Arrived with the rear wing not attached,  and loose in the box, not great, but luckily no damage.  The wing has a different design,  one short and one long upright,  so that it can easily come off in the event of of a crash, as I have already found out!  Fitted with the slim can "rev happy" motor, but went a treat on my routed layout once the rear tyres had been scuffed up. Very pleased  Rofl
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    Carrera Porsche 935 K3. Dick Barbour Racing.  Fabulous colour scheme.
My personal favourite race car.  Love these 935's, especially the Kremer brothers wild versions  Rofl I remember seeing these cars race at the Brands Hatch and Silverstone 6 Hours/1000 kms events.  Awesome bits of kit, so developed over the years,  and so damn quick. 

First job was to swap the large black Carrera guide to the smaller red guide,  which is included,  along with spare braids and even spare wing mirrors  Sun
On the routed track this really goes.  A lovely flat chassis, and way bigger rear wheels and tyres than the front.  The perfect ingredients for going quickly  Checkeredflag

Purchased from Telford,  at Typhoon Slots and Models. First class service,  and he is offering free postage during January......
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Feeling the urge for some circa '79-80's BTC the Scalextric cars tick the box in looks, but I am not fond of several aspects of the chassis for wood tracks. Luckily Pendleslot are giving away free PCS chassis with these then  Thumbup
Here they are stock:

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