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Scorpius Nano wireless digital car decoder

Hi Guys,
   In another thread we were designing a 12x8 mm car chip for F1 or any slot cars.

We have shelved that project. We want something even smaller yet robust.

I’m thinking of a new digital car decoder 10x5mm. It will have RF wireless and Bluetooth control. 

I wonder if it’s even possible???
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Hi Guys,
  After an in depth conversation with John Huberts, engineer, we have decided to proceed with the 10x5 (or as close to as possible) F1 wireless car decoder. 
In coming weeks we will demonstrate the procedure from start to finish of how quickly and efficiently a professional electronics company can take an idea to market.
Today is December 15, Day 1 of the project. 
First task on any electronics project is to supply a detailed and comprehensive specification to the engineer. Also on the spec some custom made PCBs to make a very nice professional programming jig.
I will have this completed today.

The chip will boast the best chip available for this type of project, the tiny wafer version of the Nordic nRF 52832 chip The board will be red in colour to make it look sexy. 

The chip will come with an easy to use Bluetooth app and there will no complicated online registration of the new product. 

The chip will be 100% Scorpius only and run on straight DC 8-18V, multilayered, double sided and utilising 0.1mm micro viaducts.

Wireless telemetry, anti collision, PEARL and ULTIMA functions will all be available on this new tiny chip
This should be a very enjoyable project indeed.
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Day 2 and 3....
John has, in just 2 days designed the worlds smallest car decoder.   
Size is just 10x5mm
Another world first for Team Scorpius!

Next stage is create manufacturing files for production. 


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Day 4 Friday 18th Dec 2020, paperwork and files, BOM etc sent to 3 different manufacturers for quoting. 
No hand assembling or cottage industry assembly here, only high end electronics assembly robots can do this job.

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No mucking about here then!!! Dirtbike

Day 5 29th Dec 2020
Programming PCB.
The F1 car chip has 4 tiny pads for programming to save space. To quickly align the programming pins a custom set up is manufactured to not only make sure programming is fast and easy but also reliable.
Here’s the PCB that John designed. The files have been sent off to a company that specialises in rapid turn around PCBs only.
John will add a few components by hand here.
Day 6 onwards will be a waiting game.

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Sunday 6th Rest day
Monday 7th. Emails from one supplier who says too for them. Another email from another manufacturer but needs to be redesigned to suit their laser cutting technique for micro vias. Another manufacturer still to reply.

Day 8 Tuesday 22nd Dec 
Design adjusted to suit manufacturers robots. 3 hours additional work. 
Resubmitted for manufacture.
Firmware for lane changing added.


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This project is a go ahead, tested, firmware complete, production files ready to go.
I’m thinking I’ll get some of these made up in the next couple of months. 
They will suit the old classics and F1 perfectly. 

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