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Slot Car Magazine November 2020


Issue #58 of Slot Car Magazine - the 2020 Christmas Edition - has just been published. The magazine is currently wending its way from the printers to Pendle Slot Racing, but the ebook version is available now from Lulu here.

This is the festive feast awaiting readers...
  • 02 RaceWarsUK by Marc Abbott & Gary Cannell - Our two intrepid (and clubless) reporters and their friends are off in search of somewhere to race.
  • 06 Avant Slot Opel Manta by Hub Habets - Not the most nimble machine, but a fan favourite nonetheless. Hub Habets assesses Avant Slot’s new offering.
  • 10 Scalextric Capri Mk3 by Andy Player - Our very own Essex boy has a look at the latest dose of nostalgia from Scalextric. Splash it all over, Andy!
  • 13 Cold Turkey by Andy Player - No, not some festive left-overs! Andy Player and his colleagues have been hard at work with the socially-distanced slotting.
  • 15 Bodyshells BC by Gary Cannell - Derek Cooper was a top racer fifty years ago. Gary Cannell shows us a fascinating and historical horde.
  • 20 SRC Lancia Delta S4 by Hub Habets - Full of detail, but still with plenty of performance? Is that possible? Hub Habets gets to grips with the iconic S4.
  • 25 Think Scalextric by Tony Di Pastena - A sign of the times, perhaps… Tony Di Pastena sheds the light on Magnetic Racing and some beautiful billboards.
  • 27 Ready, Teddy, Go! by Ric Woods - King Edward; not just a sort of potato, but the UK’s King 1901-1910. Marc and Ric tackle George Turner’s new smash hit kits from this era.
  • 30 Ferrari F1/87 by Marc Abbott - Our Marc loves F1 Ferraris and the work of Kostas Dzingovic. Put the two together and he’s suddenly in a very happy place.
  • 32 Ostorero Maserati 8CTFs by Ric Woods - Underwhelming in Europe but very successful in the USA, the 8CTF was the opposite of Cliff Richard. Two new beauties from Ostorero.
  • 34 Neuhierl’s Bequest – Carrera Profi by Andy Pinchock - More fascinating delving into the European slot scene history, with triumph, tragedy and intrigue at every turn.
  • 38 The Three Amigos by Tony Di Pastena- BRM’s 1/24 small saloons have been causing quite a stir in these pages of late. Let’s settle things once and for all with a big fight!
  • IBC Dilworth - Modern Life Is Rubbish. Coxie finds out the hard way.

When available at Pendles (keep an eye out here), the magazine will set you back £4.50. The ebook (here) is a mere £1.55.
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The magazine is now in stock at Pendle Slot Racing:
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