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HO Drag Proxy Summer Series 2020 Finale SIGN-UP


After four extremely enjoyable events (reports here, here, here and here), we are left with a bumper three-day Summer Series Finale on Tuesday & Wednesday 29 & 30th September and Thursday 1st October. The extra day is to squeeze in eliminator races for the 4-Gear cars that have been match racing over the summer.

Qualifying is Tuesday, the Micro Scalextric eliminators are Wednesday evening and the T-Jet and 4-Gear eliminators on Thursday. As always, coverage will be here on SlotRacer Online. The races are sponsored by Jadlam Toys & Models and Super Tires.

There are more details about the monthly proxy drag racing series here:

We will be running six classes for the season finale:
  • Micro Scalextric Street Stock - regs here.
  • Micro Scalextric Super Stock - regs here.
  • T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock - regs here.
  • NHRA Top Fuel 4-Gear - 'Pancake Stock' regs below.
  • Nostalgia Funny Car 4-Gear - 'Pancake Stock' regs below.
  • NHRA Funny Car & Pro Stock 4-Gear - 'Pancake Stock' regs below.

Match Racing & Exhibition runs: There will be some match racing for the experimental Micro Scalextric 6-ohm cars and time for some ad hoc matches or exhibitions with whatever cars you'd like to send in!

The Track: The Rock County Eighth Mile is a seven-foot timed strip (1/8 mile in true HO scale) made from the new 2019 Micro Scalextric sectional track. Cars must be fitted with braids to run on this track. Power for the first event is 12 volts, 4 amps per lane. Power to both lanes is triggered by a single switch firing a 2-channel relay board. Timing is Trackmate Drag Basic. There is a two-foot shutdown with dynamic braking and a well-padded catch box.

Sending cars: Aim for your cars to arrive in Brighton by the previous Saturday (26 Sept) so they can be quarantined and then registered for qualifying on Tuesday. Please also pack in a small box (max height 7.5cm) and pay for your postage online so no-one needs to go near a post office. These races are designed to be full-on social distancing events that are accessible even to those shielding at home.

How to enter: Add a reply with your interest and the classes you'll be entering - one car per class per person. Family members and friends are very welcome to enter too. I will message you with the address to send cars to. You will need to pay for return postage. Otherwise there is no race fee.

Entries - Race Five - September 29 & 30 and October 1

Micro Scalextric Street Stock: Alan T, Laura, Rebecca, Clive, Jane, Jeremy, Leo, Andy Pl, Andy Ph, Doug, David, Noah, Dylan P, Jerome, Peter, Sue, Gareth, Dylan W, Iain, Bill, Dave, Al S, Hank - 23 cars

Micro Scalextric Super Stock: Alan T, Rebecca, Leo, Andy Pl, Andy Ph, Iain, Hank, Al S - 8 cars

T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock: Alan T, Rebecca, Clive, Andy Pl, Doug, David, Noah, Dylan P, Iain, Gareth, Al S - 11 cars

Nostalgia 4-Gear Funny Car: Rebecca ("Bounty Huntress" Ford Mustang), Doug ("Blue Max" Ford Mustang), Clive ("Candies & Hughes" Cuda), David ("King Fish" Cuda), Andy ("US Marines" Pontiac Grand Prix) , Alan ("Grumpy's Toy" Camaro) - 6 cars

NHRA 4-Gear Funny Car & Pro Stock: Pete & Jerome (JR Todd "DHL" F/C), Alan T (Jason Line "Summit" NHRA P/S), Rebecca (Ashley Force Hood "GTX" F/C), Doug (Tony Pedregon "Nitro Fish" P/S), David (Shane Gray "Tire Kingdom" P/S), Iain (Robert Hight "Auto Club" F/C), Andy Pl ("JEGS" P/S) - 7 cars

NHRA Top Fuel 4-Gear: Dylan P (Larry Dixon "Alanabi"), Noah (David Grubnic "Optima"), Clive (Antron Brown "Matco Tools"), Andy Pl (Spencer Massey "FRAM"), Rebecca (Morgan Lucas "Geiko"), Alan ("Toyota") - 6 cars

Micro Scalextric Factory Experimental match racing: Bill vs Rebecca, Andy vs Dave, Clive vs Alan

Misc. match racing: Noah vs Dylan & David vs Doug (3-Gear)

Exhibition runs: Clive (Tyco)
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If they arrive in time I will also have a legends ( bill" grumpy" Jenkins Chevy Comero) and a top fuel car..
[+] 1 member Likes Pondiless's post

My cars are on the way so that the crews can have a couple of days on the beach before the races. Cool
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I have left mine there between events. I hope he hasn't lost them...

If so, I'm just waiting for the classic 'missing homework' excuse "The cat ate them".

I love puttering with gears
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Cars delivered to the transport dept today

Thumbup Checkeredflag
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(21st-Sep-20, 09:31 AM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote:  "The cat ate them".

I just checked - and they are safe in the cat-proof paddock box. Anyway, I would have noticed the semi-digested remains of your cars if I'd scooped them out of the litter tray Sun

Clive's cars have arrived and are in quarantine. Out of quarantine are the trophies...


That's one each for our Street Stock, Super Stock and Nostalgia T-Jet series champions, plus one for the Street Stock runner-up and another for the top junior racer in Street Stock. Championship tables are on the back page of the South Coast HO Dragster fanzine...


Click on the image to make it bigger Thumbup
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Lots of boxes have arrived - from Clive, Alan, Leo, Iain, Peter, Jerome & Sue. Plus all the ones that stayed over from last time - it's going to be quite a line-up.

I shall take and post some pics tomorrow morning.

Don't forget, this event will take place over three days - tomorrow qualifying, Wednesday Micro Scalextric classes and Thursday the Pancake classes.
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It certainly is a huge line-up for the next three days! And those are only the main classes.

I have updated the entry list in the opening post - 23 cars in Street Stock, 8 in Super Stock, 11 in T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock, 6 in Nostalgia Funny Car, 7 in NHRA Funny Car & Pro Stock, 6 in NHRA Top Fuel, plus ten for match-racing and Clive's lovely Tyco for some exhibition runs (although there may be another Tyco to match-race it... if I can find it!).

Here are Rebecca's cars, adding a Top Fueler and an NHRA Funny Car...


I have a new Nostalgia Funny Car and an NHRA Pro-stocker...


Clive's Super Stock is in Winter Series 6.0 spec and will be match-racing...


Iain has added an NHRA Funny Car...


Leo's trio are back...


Jerome has switched to a new Bugatti Veyron and Sue takes her place in his old Audi TT - which will most likely win, if Alan and Jeremy's cast-offs are anything to go by...


Some familiar cars from Alan and Laura, but there's a new Top Fueler, a Nostalgia Pro Stocker (we'll see how it goes with the Funny Cars...) and a very cute new T-Jet...


Jane and Jeremy's Nissans stayed over and are ready for action...


Andy Phillips' Street and Super Stockers are also ready to go...


Gareth and Dylan are looking to go a long way in Street Stock tomorrow...


Doug's cars are going to feature in four of the classes, plus a little Austin for some match-racing...


Dylan's crew is also going to be busy. The Top Fuelers will have a ladder race, but he'll still be match-racing his brother - in the Corvettes this time...


And here are Noah's cars...


David is in the hunt for a win in Nostalgia Funny Car - and maybe the NHRA 4-Gear race too. His Pro Stock was quick back in June...


Al leads the American contingent with cars in three classes...


Hank has two...


Dave one (although he does also have experimental Micro Super Stock car, which I forgot to photograph)...


And - finally - Bill has his street stock and the fabulous Camaro experimental Micro car...


Qualifying may take a while...
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You should be congratulated for encouraging and assembling an impressive array of cars for the climax of the very first South Coast Drag Proxy race series!

I love puttering with gears
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Looks like your going to have a busy time Andy. Good luck to all the entries  Thumbup.
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