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Policar's Golden Era of MotorSport F1 cars


Policar have just released details of a range of classic liveries on their new 'Monoposto' modern F1 model. The first four Golden Era of MotorSport liveries are...



If you don't mind classic liveries on modern cars (I really do like them a lot), then these four would certainly be near the top of any list for all-out retro style.


I have followed the development of the generic F1 Monoposto car over the past few years, enjoying seeing Maurizio demonstrate the detachable front wing at the UK Slot Car Festival a couple of years ago - a nice touch of realism and easy to replace in the pits. A halo has been added and the car has all the proportions of the current crop of Grand Prix contenders. Powered by the popular Policar F1 drive train and digital compatible (using the Type-C chip), the Policar approach is certainly different to the NSR F1 project - more home track than full-on club racer - but there should be plenty of room in the marketplace for both.


These first models are due this autumn - five cars in plain colours (there are 100s of decals out there at Pattos, IndyCals etc) and the new range of retro liveries...

CAR07white - Generic F1 Monoposto - white
CAR07black - Generic F1 Monoposto - black
CAR07silver - Generic F1 Monoposto - silver
CAR07red - Generic F1 Monoposto - red
CAR07blue - Generic F1 Monoposto - blue
CAR07A - A.R. Euroracing 185T
CAR07B - Surtees TS20
CAR07C - Toleman Hart TG184
CAR07D - Shadow DN5

RRP is £52.95 for the single-colour cars and £54.95 for the retro liveries. All are available for pre-order from MRE and Pendles.
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To be honest, I'm struggling a bit with these. I think it is because the bodies are not as 'generic' as others out there.

I think I would have to remove the halo and cut off the fin on the air box to make sense of them.

I love puttering with gears
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I am not a fan of generic cars anyway although I do understand that this has been done to keep costs down but I must agree that the colour schemes are more appropriate for the NSR F1 than for this car. As a minimum the halo and the airbox fin would definitely have to go.
I assume that there are licencing problems and further royalty costs in making a car with current liveries.

 For me the body shape doesn't correspond with what I would regard as a golden era of motorsport either but that is probably just me getting old.

Only plus point for me is that the price seems pretty reasonable and I assume we won't need to buy different chassis to get the car running well on a wood track.
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(4th-Sep-20, 08:45 AM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote:  To be honest, I'm struggling a bit with these. I think it is because the bodies are not as 'generic' as others out there.

I think I would have to remove the halo and cut off the fin on the air box to make sense of them.
or leave the halo in place and paint  to 2018/2019/2020 liveries.

Although the Policar liveries are pure fantasy, actual 'Throwback' paint schemes aren't uncommon in real motorsport...


It has become a tradition at the Darlington Nascar race to pay homage to the past - with liveries from 20, 30 or 50 years ago (or from Days of Thunder or Talladega Nights) being worn by the latest Nascar Cup cars.

Porsche did it at Le Mans with the Pink Pig and 'Rothmans' cars, Brumos at Daytona and Ford's final season with the GT GTE saw some lovely retro liveries looking back to 1966 at the Le Mans race - and the tasty Jaguar-themed Castrol livery at Daytona and Sebring last year. In F1, McLaren brought back Papaya Orange to celebrate 50 years in F1 and the Williams Martini livery was unadulterated retro heaven. I get the impression that fans love 'em.

If there's a taste for 'Throwback' liveries in real motorsport, then why not slot cars? I find two of these Policar liveries absolutely sensational and the other two rather better than nice. The Policar drive-train, easy digital conversion and the magnetic nose option make the Policar Monoposto more attractive to my interests than the NSR Formula 86/89 models.

Thumbs-up from me Thumbup
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Nothing new about throwback liveries on slot cars either, SCX often did it although they pretended they were current. Couple of examples from their original NASCAR range:
Both cars are the 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo, Dale Earnhardt versions. He died in 2001 so certainly never drove the 2005 car. The black one is the 2000 livery and the blue/yellow Wrangler one dates back to 1986!
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The first pair of cars will be available in the next two weeks. So here are pictures from Policar to whet our appetites.

First the CAR07a - 185T 1985 livery...





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And the CAR07b - TS20 1978 livery...






A very big thank you to Jo at Galileo Engineering for sending us regular news update on and Policar products.
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Outstanding work Andy and Jo. 

I must say what I like about these are that for a club, you can have a single class with an upcoming huge amount of variety!!!

I mean JPS, Ferrari 76, 6 wheel tyrell, Gold leaf, all come to mind :)
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I like the look of the Beneton one.
But, for me, I think a range of colours representing modern liveries would be good, especially as I can find decals to suit ready made.
Have you seen the Aston Martin in the sun in practice ? looks superb, that and maybe the Alpine would be my choice, decals are available for both ...  Bigsmile
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