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Best 1/32 Minis

What are the best old style (Mark 1?) Minis to buy for home track? I see Scalextric 1970s Minis on ebay, the ones with wide wheel arches but I think they may not be good. I do not think SCX is good or if Ninco did made one. I like old Ninco models but prices high with no Mini seen. Old models look too high at front end on the track so modern production is preferable. maybe Scalextric if i can see it.

I have one the the Scalextric, early model, no flairs skinny small tires. It runs very well that the only mod I made was to replace the magnet with a small piece of lead and sand the stock rubber tires a bit. I also have a Ninco later model with the taller wheels/tires. It too runs very well. Though the price of Ninco seems to have gone up since they quit production you can still find deals. I paid $35 for mine in new condition.

My favourite BMC Mini is the last of the Scalextric ones using the catalogue no. C7. With the wide arches and the Johnson motor. Beware people advertising later cars with the Mabuchi motor as C7s. They are as overpowered as the recent cars and no fun.

I know you mentioned Mk1s, but definitely avoid the 1275GT Clubmans!
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