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Charlestown, NH Victory Lane 7-26

We'd like to thank our sponsors. Liquid Wrench, Red Devil, Ruth's Mustard, and have provided the prizes for our racing program this summer. Due to COVID-19, occupancy is limited and new racers must call first to be approved. Call 603-826-4242 for details. Racing is free, as are the hot dogs. Here are Sunday's winners. Next race is August 23 which will kick off Segment 3 and new divisions.

[Image: 724905_5a2672f6527743429d62a0bd03327c88~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_4518826e7e894a52a40e87e4d95cf325~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_8a8c415ebae94abe9a4d426b312f1957~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_17759996cab84dd5a844e4a7efc8865a~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_819978a08853411999ac0fc1c4c7f0a8~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_9e3f56b4cc334840a29ef1586953e551~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_ccdee33372d54f02b5936b61b0467c19~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_ae4ab9aa44724696b9c7c3b98963419c~mv2.jpg]

Oval Racing in New Hampshire -
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