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Worlds smallest digital car chip design.

Here it is, worlds smallest digital wireless chip for F1 cars, just 12x8mm!!!
Another world first by ScorpiusWireless!

Yes it will be going into production.

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Do you have a link that provides some background information on Scorpius chips and the systems they work on?

I love puttering with gears

Check out the website google Scorpius Wireless.
This is the F1 chip to run in Scorpius only.
The Generation II larger chip will run on any system once completed. It’s still in development stage.

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Scorpius Wireless

This design canned for a new one.

Hi Guys,
So heres the first pass on the world first nano chip ie 10.0x5.0mm or less. 
Application: Scorpius Wireless only.
Photo of new F1 chip shown next to current generation of Scorpius car decoder for comparison. 

It features the Nordic nRF52832 wafer chip.
Dongle and app connect.
Full wireless telemetry 
Best line system ULTIMA
Anti collision 
3A power mosfets
DC only.
Size 9.4x5.0 of
Thickness 2.9mm
Volume 136.3 cubic mm
Double sided.
Component count 28 on board.
Gold plated pins.

Is smaller possible? A 7.5x4.0mm is possible, dependent on current trials.

Progress: Programming and firmware stage.

Project name: Scorpius F1 Nano car decoder.
Date of F1 project commencement: Nov 15th 2020
Today Monday 25th Jan is day 42.
Specification documents: 1 day.
Design time: 2 days by John Huberts.
BOM documentation and schematics 1 day.
Manufacture time 28 days as promised by manufacturer.
Transport 4 days.
We are still on summer break back early February 2021.

Note board is 9.4mm long but snap off bits due to manufacturing requirements need to be filed. 
Verniers show 9.47 but board is actually 9.4 long.
Still a lot of work to go, sometimes a new PCB must be made. All part of the game.
Some of this development willl go into the Gen II chip. 

This project is not only a commercial project but also a FUN project for all concerned.?

Another WORLD FIRST for Team Scorpius!???


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Hi Guys.
   Today the worlds smallest digital decoder (As of 5th Feb 2021) breathed life for the first time. It works first time....amazing!

So this chip has now been programmed and testing begins. From now on we can use the app to wirelessly upgrade the development firmware. 
On a big day John may produce up to 6 firmware versions to test so this tool will be handy. Receive file on phone. Insert it into the app and press go. Its that easy.

Micro soldering practice today also. Lots of fun.

As you  can see the chip is half the size of your little pinky fingernail.

So next we will add lane changing protocols.

Video by John is rough, but Ill get some more video soon.

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That's tiny. Thumbup

Very cool technology.  Thumbup


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