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Rescued from the trash bin

Unfortunately I forgot to shoot a photo berofe starting.It was hanging in my to trash box as it was a bare body ,painted with some red- brownish stuff which flaked off in places bt where it did not it was almost impossile to strip the paint,I had to sand it off.As I like very much the shape of this car regardless of dimensional accuracy,I decided to give it a try ,I wasnt so bad in the end.
[Image: BZQxcjp.jpg]I used nail extensions for the lenses and fake diamonds for the headlights.Decals were some very old pattos ones  which wrinkled just when I coated with floor pollish ,I would nt dare use lacquer on top of that.I used glass from a good one as a mould to vacform windshield and windows.

[Image: RTpcNXN.jpg]

[Image: vmGphpV.jpg]
[Image: oU8lS2g.jpg]
A comparison to the original one
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