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Virtual Le Mans...
#1 it motorsport?

Something to watch anyway. 

Looks good, but the in depth analysis is difficult to take seriously in my mind.

I love puttering with gears
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We are loving it. Starved of motorsport,  because of the format  the coverage is superb. Nothing gets missed  Thumbup
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(13th-Jun-20, 07:48 PM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote: it motorsport?

Not really. There are no motors.
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I haven’t found myself getting excited by eSports, but the Le Mans addict in me has got me watching this every now and then for a few minutes. The production is amazing - the ACO have done a wonderful job. Plus all the big name drivers taking part is impressive. And I like the tongue-in-cheek nature of the whole thing - they’re taking it seriously, but not too seriously.

I find I am enjoying it just about as much as the real thing. Watching on line is no different to watching racing on TV. I used to go to LeMans every year but I got tired of the crowds, the noise and the boredom.

Dipping in and out to see progress seems great to me.

I wonder if this is the future of all motor racing? What would the cars be based on though if the real things didn't exist?
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With no new Motorsport events to watch due to Covid, E-Sports kept me away from a full blooded a cold Turkey. 
Used to watching far away race events on the laptop, the weekly dosis of E-sport Automotive competition was reasonably satisfactory...

...but it always looked a bit too clean, the weather was always a bit too nice, the races too short.

Positive exceptions to this were the World GT series events at Bathurst, Suzuka and Kilayami which included some night time racing.

But the Virtual LM24hrs.....yep.. best virtual Automotive  event  ever.
So this night just after midnight, LM 24 on TV  (RTL GP), Eurosport player on the lap top, my favorite Team crashing and retiring from the lead...
... things had stopped being virtual....I was just as disappointed as I would have been watching a "real" LM24.

with kind regards
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