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Hello from NJ!

Hi guys

Just found this forum.  I was searching for articles on painting the track.

I've been racing for about 15 years, I was a late bloomer.  My home track is a 1/32 scale Scalextric 4 lane (I hope that's ok that it's Scalextric), external 25 amp power supply, using a Carlson section (electric eye to count laps), hooked up to a pc, with 4 additional power taps.  

I race with a group of guys from the NY/NJ/PA Metro Area, called NJMETROSLOTCARS, we're on FB, and have a website (being rerun, but the old one is still active).  We've also been featured in a Slot Car mag from the UK.

Goes without saying this has been a very strange year.  We normally would be racing tonight, but we haven't raced since the end of Feb 2020.  We went from "race if you feel comfortable" to "the season is suspended" in two hours!

We have multiple tracks that we race on, Scalextric, Carrera, Routed, Ninco.  It depends on the host.
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Sorry about the double pics, couldn't figure out how to get rid of the 2nd one.

My track is stricky for me to practice.  I don't have enough space to host, and my track is a little small for us.

We race scalextric,, nsr's, racer sideways, thunderslot, fly's.  Almost any 1/32 scale cars, with silicone tires.  Anything from stock with silicones (someone must have stock in them), to modified.  Our motors usually top out at 22k rpm.  We vote on classes in advance.

Name is Dave Marcus.

Sorry I keep thinking of things.
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Welcome Dave  Wavegreen

That’s a nice track room - shame there’s not enough room to host events. Yes, strange times. I really miss racing too.

Welcome aboard Dave. Wavegreen 

I have removed the duplicate photo for you.

Thank you for that!

Yes really miss it!  I'm retired (and loving it), slot cars racing is a social event for me, great group of guys.  We pull people from NYC, most of NJ and even some guys from Philly.  Everyone from truck drivers to doctors.
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Outstanding - and when you get going again - would love to see pics of your members tracks Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup

Check out our website, you'll see the other tracks on there. click on "other info" tab and there's a link to show the tracks.  (if I'm not allowed to post the url, please remove).
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Nice tracks !!

Looks like you have a well organised group - all committed judging by size of tracks.... Thumbup Thumbup Thumbup 

Am Jealous Bigsmile

We are lucky, we have about 18-20 guys who race every week. We've been racing together for about 15 years, guys come and go, a couple of years ago we picked up 4 guys in one season, guys bring their sons (usually until they discover the opposite sex!).  Carlo Tonalezzi's track (he's written a couple of slot car books) has a 22 foot straights!  That's probably the biggest track we have.

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