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Any good E Type Jags?

Am looking to buy some E Types but not with those b@=#>! wing mirrors on! Also the Scalextric models (like many of their cars) seem a bit long and thin (maybe to do with the track's minimal lane width?). I think the Revell ones may be better. Many years back I had a very chunky fastback model but don't know who manufactured it (may have been an old Revell/Monogtram). I'm asking here because there are no slot shows to go to in order to examine and make comparisons.

I have heard that the current Scalextric versions aren't very good without the magnet, but in any case I don't like the long, skinny look! If you've any experience of E Type slots could you share them here? Photos would be a bonus. Thanks!

I read that the Scalextric E-type body shape is based on a 3D scan of a real car, so is a truer representation of the body shape than other slotified interpretations.

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Most E type slot cars look far too wide to me. The real car is pretty long and narrow. The original Airfix plastic kit is accurate and what I would use to compare any other 32nd scale car with.
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Ninco Jaguar is very nice.
The FHC version is my favourite.



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Thanks for the replies. The Ninco model looks great, although it's those wing mirrors again! I used to have an old Airfix would probably cost me £75+ for one in average cond.

So the Scalextric car is supposely accurate? Okay. Isn't a downside that the chassis holds parts of the body? And maybe without the magnet drives like a camel with three legs.

This is an old Revell version from the 60's. However the body's sides have to be glued on - and that is tricky to get a good alignment.

The newer revel Jags - both the Lindner and the Le Mans versions are very nice, however they can be pricey now.

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George Turner does three versions - a Lightweight, a fastback and the 1962 Cunningham Le Mans car. George’s cars are well-proportioned - meaning not skinny - and no wing mirrors.
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See the thing is that in the E-Type's hey day, those mirrors were chic so were almost a standard fitment as they went with the image.
I have the Italian Job Jaguar roadster by Scalextric and can confirm that it needs its magnet but can probably be made to run well with some careful placement of weights. I also have the Fixed Head Coupe by Altaya and it runs well although would need a motor upgrade to be a racer.
If you want to be able to seriously race E-Types then I would suggest that a George Turner body kit would be good if you put it on decent running gear.



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I have a couple of each. The Ninco handle the best of the group. In the photos the red and black are Nincos, the blue one is a Monogram. you can see how it sits a bit higher than the Black Ninco. I also have a Scalextric but even after extensive tuning it is nowhere near the other cars.
  I also have two early Scalextrics there are rear motored. they run decent but as they have the old SCX type motor they are not very fast, but great looking cars.
I also have another Monogram with a 3D printed chassis and a Slot It pod. It does run very well, but that is not what you were asking about.

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