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What happened to MRRC?

I thought they were still in Jersey until I looked online and saw Germany. I was kinda hoping they'd reissue the Porsches they made awhile back  but there doesn't seem to be much happening at all. I can't be alone in wanting this outfit to produce more. What happened to the car moulds, were they sold off? Who's got 'em? Come back MRRC!

They have been in Germany for about 10 years. The previous owner in Jersey died and, as far as I am aware, H+T Motor Racing GmbH acquired all the moulds etc and continue the brand. Unfortunately they haven't done much with it and product is thin on the ground. It seems they are not really interested in producing anything and may be hoping to sell it on at a profit some time in the future. They do list some white car body kits including Porsche 904 and 911 but whether they actually have any stock of them is debatable.LINK
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In Germany 10 years? time flies. I thought it was 3 or 4 years back they were in Jersey.

So the German outfit handling MRRC now may be looking to offload? I wish they would, then someone could set about re-issuing a lot of good stuff. Perhaps I'll send an email.

I was only speculating that they might sell it on, not stating it as fact.

They used to sell some reasonably priced figures, which I think might have been the old Revell Monogram ones.

One of the five sets is still available and was originally an Airfix product: LINK

The other four sets were Revell/Monogram reissues, they were discontinued a long while ago and fetch silly money on eBay.

I bought all four earlier sets, and might be tempted by the airfix ones too, at that price.


Their Porsche 911 was nice too.

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I have some of there figures , courtesy of Brian ( COMTD ,) and I think the detail is very good ,a real pity they won't produce them again . Perhaps a crowd funding approach might work  .Wonder if that would work with the TARN figures as well !!!!


Don't hold your breath waiting for Tarn figures Steve. The remaining stock of completed figures and all the moulds were purchased from the original owner by Michael Dark in 2014. He sold off the figures and then sat on the moulds for a couple of years without producing a single item. In 2016 he sold the moulds to Bob Chapman in Canada who has also done nothing with them in spite of numerous requests from potential customers and repeated promises to restart production.

It's a real shame that 2 sets of good manufacturers figures just get stuffed away somewhere and not bothering what happens to the molds , when a substantial amount of people would buy them . When some figures are 6 to7 pounds each ,it makes an expensive set of MRRC figures at 40 to50 pounds a set seem worthwhile .


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