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Hello from Connecticut

Hello from Southern Connecticut, 

I've been around other forums for a while - some may recognize me - I've been designing and modeling custom 3D printed chassis, bodies, and hard-to-find replacements.

My passion is building the most accurately proportioned "HO" slot cars possible. Which led me to develop the ultra-narrow, fully adjustable wheelbase "HWP-SL2" chassis, with lots of input and encouragement from the very talented lads from Slot Lodge. 

My sons and I now produce vintage 1965 F1s which feature a chassis-less "unibody" system, C-Cab hot rod trucks for T-jets, 427 Roadster with optional roofs for AFX Mega G/G+, and numerous other customs. We also make true-to-scale 1/64 figures - pit crews, spectators, etc.

I've been 3D modeling slot cars for nearly 10 years now, and happy to lend a hand to guys looking to get started. 

See you 'round the paddock!

Jim Miller
HWP Slot Cars

Jim @ [url=]HWP Slot Cars[/url]
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Welcome Jim  Wavegreen

I really enjoy what you do! 

I have a couple of your original Slot Lodge non-mag chassis. With the braids, they work very nicely on the new Micro Scalextric track system. I need to look at trying the mag version for a bit of drag racing...

Don’t forget the Traders section here. We share some of the latest posts each week on the Slot Racer Facebook Page and group. HWP would fit perfectly there.

Sounds interesting Jim. Look forward to seeing some of your stuff. Thumbup

Ditto - looking forward to see what you do Thumbup

Sounds cool Jim!

Looking forward to seeing your stuff as well!

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