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Infamy! Infamy!

They've all got it in for me! Electrical items that is.

I have never had so many electrical things go tits up in such a short space of time. In March just before lockdown the washing machine broke (twice!) and both showers in the household partially died. The repair man sorted out the washing machine but replacement showers were on a month's delivery so we had 30 second lukewarm ones in the meantime and the plumber had to fit the new ones after lockdown which meant he had to do it wearing a mask while we sat in the garden.

Since then the tale of woe has continued:
Printer died.
Central heating/hot water timer only worked part time when it felt like it.
Kettle refused to switch off.

Replaced those three and thought my problems were at an end............
...........then the pond pump became an ex parrot! Tappingfoot

I did the wiring for it 20 years ago, it is encased in conduit and buried a foot down. It was originally on the surface but soil just built up over the years. SWMBO is not going to be best pleased when I dig up some of her favourite plants to replace it.

Hi Brian ,not sure but can you get solar pumps ?

Good luck 


You could also leave it there and make a new routing of piping and add a new pump??? Cool

Hello Frankie/Brian...
To replace the wiring can you avoid digging up the conduit by pulling the new cable through using the old cable? An alternative is to pull through some strong string/cord/rope and then use that to pull through the new cable. 


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Solar pumps are fine for small water features but I doubt there is one capable of shifting 5000 litres per hour, 24 hours a day.

I would ordinarily use the pull through method but the wiring system also runs a UV filter and numerous garden lights so there is quite a grid of conduit and cable with numerous bends, tees and junction boxes which will snag the new cable. I shan't have to dig up the whole thing though, just find the bends etc, unscrew the lids and fiddle through from there. Should keep me occupied for a day or two. Bigsmile

5,000 litres per hour?  Time

Blimey, have you recreated Niagara Falls in your back garden?

Pond is approx 15ft x 12ft x 4ft deep. It holds 30,000 litres and took all day to fill. The pump has to push it through the filters and raise it up to the waterfall so 5000 litres per hour is probably less than the recommended flow rate!

On the bright side I have now uncovered all the relevant bits of pipe work so can press on with installation of the new pump.

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